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  • Had to uninstall MyDrive to get rid of the bug.
  • the sign that appears on my computer screen is from MyDrive. It says "no internet connection" and it is like a bug. I have uninstalled MyDrive and reinstalled it, but the same bug keeps coming back.
  • From the manual: "Important: Routes and tracks cannot be stored on the same memory card as maps because different memory card formatting is used."
  • My original problem was; When I had created a route from A to Z with stops to follow minor roads instead of fastest or shortest routes, and my starting point was somewhere like B or even X, my Rider 450 directed me back to A. It took me en an extra couple of hours once in Germany before I discovered I had returned to my…
  • "You can also Long Tap (Tap and hold for +1 Second) at a convenient location anywhere along the route -> Tap on the 3Dot Icon... Use as a Starting point -> Tap the (Drive) Icon The device will calculate the Route from your present location to the New starting point then use the remainder of your previously planned route to…
  • Like: "Turn right on the path when you come to the big oak, and then the next path to the left where the river bends southwards and you will see it three kilometres to the southwest" -ish. If you see what i mean. You could plot that as a route, but not ask for a different route on the gps.
  • Ste7ios. Thanks again for answering. Yes, I could have done what you suggested, but - Tomtom would still have given me a wrong route, as the map is not correct. that goes for several minor roads in Norway (perhaps also in other countries?)The problem is that the local authorities does not always register the roads to place…
  • YamFazMan, thank you for your reply. Disadvantage is the word, as Tomtom would give me approx 100 kilometres extra to get to my destination, by first taking me back home again;)
  • Sto7ios: Thank you for your answer. I know about these opportunities. They are, however, useless when your destination doesn't have a proper address. There are still quite a few places in Norway that doesn't fit into the gps mappings. You need specific instructions to get there. In my case I had to make a phonecall to my…
  • AndersNord: I was going to visit friends who had a cottage rather way out in the bush. When they came to see us a couple of weeks before, they explained that most gps gave wrong directions when the nearest address was given up. So we carefully made the correct route and then I saved it. Obviously this didn't work, and…