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  • great thanks! I'll have a go at kicking off harder, but not that fussed, as you say you tend to use arms for swimming.
  • But what about when you turn around at the end of the length (& i take my hands off the float)? Surely the accelerator tracks that? The watch seems to both track number of strokes, and lengths. Or are you saying it just uses number of strokes to calculate when you have reached the end of the length? That doesn't seem quite…
  • You may have already got rid of your watch, but if you haven't I bought a spare strap on Amazon, just a silicon unbranded one, for about £10 and its great. You can pick a nicer colour too. I had one of the Tomtom ones snap but they replaced it free of charge because it was under warrenty but I haven't actually used it…
  • I used Freestyle mode for swimming and then changed it in Strava to a swim - worked really well! GPS does drop out if you keep your arm under water but quickly comes back when your hand is out. Also, HR seemed to work OK, not sure how accurate it is but was about what I expected.
  • Also - just to add that even though the average pace over the entire workout might be lower than you were usually running, the idea is that there should be points where the average pace was higher than your usually run (so you get used to faster paced running over shorter segments rather than just slogging at one…
  • Hey - I'd recommend having a look at the details of the workouts before trying them out - some are more useful than others and you have to take them with a pinch of salt. I've done a fair amount of googling how to get faster, so I know what kind of useful speedwork/interval sessions other people suggest. (I really like…
  • Hi, I noticed the same thing. If i do 2 short cycles for my commute my total fitness points for the day is the sum of the two. However if I additionally go for a hardish run (where i earn 500 or so fitness points from that activity) my total fitness points from the day will be equal to just that of the run. I presumed its…
  • That doesn't address my question - my concern is the watch's display of fitness points being incorrect - not the calculation of the points themselves. (A secondary concern is that it does not calculate points correctly due to it thinking I am in "overdrive".) Yes, obviously, it is always going to be an estimation - but…