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  • Troubadix12, your advice and sharing the Navcore files was invaluable. I gave it a try this afternoon and managed to get my Carminat back up and running. If there's anything beyond hitting the "like" button that I can do to thank you for helping out a random stranger on the internet, please let me know. For anyone else…
  • Carminat, the file structure of the SD card seems intact as you can see: Troubadix12, I really appreciate you taking the time to upload that. Unless I hear anything else in the meantime, I'll give it a try this weekend. The nav is pretty much bricked at the moment anyway, so I don't think I have much to lose.
  • To update you both, can confirm it is definitely TomTom Live, as I can see "Carminat TomTom LIVE" listed under "My Products" when I log into TomTom through the web site rather than the TT Home app.
  • Hi Carminat. The vehicle was quite new to me and updating the navigation was one of the first things I decided to do, so I only really used it a couple of times before managing to break it! Hence it's difficult to say whether or not it's a Live model, but I'm fairly sure it is. I've tried a different, formatted SD card and…
  • Sorry for the double post but forgot to say and can't see an edit button, the nav did update *once* during the update process, it was after this first reboot that I got the stuck progress bar and turned off the ignition after half an hour.
  • Hi Troubadix12, thanks for the reply. To answer your questions: - The vehicle is a 2013 plate, which I think means it's probably Carminat Live, but I'm not 100% sure how to tell. - - No, the update process didn't complete successfully. The nav unit started the update and showed a progress bar but stopped partway through…
  • Bump. Surely a basic software update shouldn't be bricking the navigation system?