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  • Well, it's September now, and this problem remains unfixed. Maybe I was the only person who used the fullscreen speedometer, but there's still a reference to it in the settings page so presumably we're supposed to be able to access it. So, if taping on the small speedometer in the map display is now to be used to report…
  • And all of a sudden, tapping the speed display on the phone sends a report about the wrong speed limit rather than taking you to the full-screen GPS speedo, which is the sole reason I use this app - I run it on a phone alongside TomTom Go on Android Auto. The app settings still have the "tap on the speedometer to change…
  • I have the problem whether there's a route planned or not.
  • Same problem here, and it is deeply frustrating. This is with Android Auto 6.9.613724-release and AmiGo 8.195.0 This means that I have TomTom Go running on the headunit to see its (too small) speedometer. But then there's no way to report roadworks and the like. So this speedometer problem is harming TomTom as a company if…
  • I have the same problem. It will briefly appear while you are entering a destination, but when either just driving along or when using route guidance, there are some new zoom buttons down the right hand side which seem to push it out of the way. Really frustrating as AmiGo was the best (i.e. most simply communicated via…
  • So, aside from the offline maps, without the sidebar there's little to differentiate TomTom from AmiGo. And now that AmiGo has a better voice and - sadly - a much clearer interface on AA, I'm strongly swayed to adopt it as my main app. Which is a shame, as I've been using TomTom since the days of an old HP iPAQ PDA with a…
  • I agree with the comments about the sidebar. Sadly, the AA interface seems to be a shuffling around of a few elements of the phone interface. Could we at least have the larger speed readout and warnings as per AmiGo (for all of it's problems)? Those are far better for noticing things out the corner of your eye. Those, plus…