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  • My guess is that you probably tested this with a wired android auto connection, is that possible? I use it with wireless android auto. That means that when the error shows up, my 4G was disconnected, but my WiFi was connected to the car, without an Internet connection. Seems that TomTom just expects an Internet connection…
  • It's definitely a bug.. If I open TomTom via Android Auto when not connected to 4G, it gives me the same subscription message. At the same time if I open TomTom on my phone's screen, I don't get the message and if I go to the settings, I see that my subscription is still valid. I then have to force stop TomTom, activate 4G…
  • You probably just need to disable the battery management for the TomTom Navigation app in your Android settings. The app should run fine on Android Auto without opening it on your phone.
  • Awesome! So I'll be able to use the Dutch computer voice then while my phone is in English?
  • Any info on this?
  • I'm having a different issue with the zoom. I'm now using the TomTom app through Android Auto, but I've also still got my TomTom GO 6200 in my car. Although the 6200 has a smaller screen than my car unit, it's showing more road. The TomTom GO app through Android Auto is too zoomed in, and I haven't found a way to make it…
  • I would really really really welcome a volume slider inside the TomTom app! I know it was logical to remove the volume slider for the Android app, and I've never needed it since. But now that I've tested the new Android Auto integration in 3.1, I'm really missing that volume slider. I'm being absolutely deafened in my…
  • Hi, well good news, this is actually already possible 😉 On my phone I can have the display language set to English and when I go into the Voice TTS settings I can choose the Dutch engine independently of the display language! But the TomTom app doesn't respect this choice, it only looks to the display language. I don't…
  • Hi, Well the problem is that those recorded voices don't say the street names, that's why I've always used the computer voices. Can't you just add a language selection in the app itself, so that it's not depended of the system language anymore? It seems like an easy option to add, as all the languages are already in the…
  • Hi, When will the new family subscription of €19.99 become available to Android users? I would like to share my subscription as well, and I don't understand why this is an iOS-only privilege at the moment. Thanks!
  • Awesome, hope we can test it soon! Thx for the update, @"Jürgen"!
  • @lampard @"Jürgen" @paba2 @szachowa Any update on this? Thanks!
  • Good question! I'm very curious to see if this app will also work on Android Automotive, because at the moment the developers have only talked about making it compatible with Android Auto. And as you know, Android Auto does NOT EQUAL Android Automotive. So I'm wondering if they'll make it compatible with both in one…
  • Hi @lampard , Yes, I know, but in the post I linked, you yourself are talking about sharing the subscription between different accounts. You said TomTom is working on this for iOS. Is this something us Android-folks will also be getting, or will we be paying the same amount but with less functions? Sharing a subscription…
  • Hi, @lampard, what about family sharing on android?