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  • Thank you for your reply. It's a pity that the instructions don't make this clear.
  • Thank you for responding. Why then does the 550 indicate otherwise on its screen and how do I move or copy data from and to the SD card and internal memory as I can't see a way to do this via MyDrive Connect?
  • Thank you all for taking the time to help. I have just finished rewiring the cable from my GS's auxiliary power socket and the TomTom now works as you described. It starts up when the bike is powered on and the battery icon changes to a zigzag. My guess is that the cable that I connected the 550 to had a hidden short…
  • Well that's very interesting. That might well be the case...and you can travel quite a distance in about a second. I will make contact with the headset manufacturer and see if he can tell if this issue is caused by Bluetooth lag. I had no idea Bluetooth lag was a thing. On a rare occasion, I have also noticed that the…
  • Interesting! Your experience is different from mine. The first instruction of "After 80 yards turn left" starts at about 75 yards from the turn, (assuming that the distance read-out at that point is accurate), so it can never be "After" the actual turn - in my experience.
  • Thank you. The auxiliary power socket is rated at 12v. It's not that I'm concerned that it's not charging as it is via the USB cable. I can't easily determine that the cradle is charging the unit as the battery icon didn't change when I connected the unit to the bike cradle. I made sure the bike was started and the engine…
  • Thank you for your response RoadRider. Do you know of any specific brands/ type that you are aware of that perform this function? Do you know if the solution is based on the version of BT - 3.0/ 4.1 that the headset uses or is it more complex than that?
  • I read this series of posts with interest as I am trying to ascertain whether it is possible to pair both a rider and a pillion BT headset with a (as yet not purchased) TomTom Rider 550. It would appear from these posts that it isn't. However, I have been reliably informed by a headset supplier that with multi-channel BT…
  • Hello Thank you for responding so promptly. My desired set up would not include pairing with my iPhone. I do not really need to communicate with my phone, just be able for both rider and pillion to hear the turn instructions from the 550.