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I know this is not a question but just an opinion. I have looked at the new go premium and I really cant see the point. If you want to switch on your heating on, turn your house lights on, open the garage door etc etc then just get out of the car and switch them on its easy just flick a switch with your finger. If tomtom are going to upgrade a devise then upgrade the things that matter. Its a navigation devise so upgrade the navigation features like map accuracy, voice instructions, lane guidance, 3D buildings, traffic info etc etc. You buy these devises to navigate so upgrade them to navigate better turning your house lights on etc is not important.


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  • cheers YamFazMan will look into that. Trying to plan a route in Spain and Portugal on this horrible new mydrive map is useless, country roads and mountain roads etc are just not visible unless you zoom in as far as possible and even then you can only just about see them. Why they had to change the map, as the saying goes…
  • Thats it, I have played around with the brightness, contrast, resolution etc on my PC and especially country roads, mountain roads towns and cities are still impossible to see on this HORRIBLE new mydrive map layout unless you zoom in as far as possible and even then they are not clear and not easy to see. Now on will do…
  • I agree Charles there are things that tomtom can lmprove on but the new mydrive map is a problem when trying to plan a route. I don't know about the UK and other countries but with the map of Spain and Portugal if you do not zoom in as far as possible secondary roads ( country roads ) , mountain roads, towns and cities are…
  • Hi AI-Charles I have just tried mydrive on my PC and my 10 inch tablet in Beta mode and still very very difficult to see secondary roads ( country roads ) minor roads towns and cities on the map here in Spain unless you zoom in as far as possible and even then its still very difficult and not clear and on my 10 inch tablet…
  • Totally agree guys, imagine being with friends at a coffee bar trying to plan a route to go for a motorbike ride and your using say a 10 inch tablet which I would be using, with this new mydrive map layout you have no chance of planning a route it would be nearly impossible. Lets hope they either make this map much much…
  • Hi Daniel, sorry to say but for me its horrible. The previous map was a million times better, this map is difficult to see, read and if I do not zoom in 100% many many streets etc are just not visible and when I do zoom in 100% they are still not very clear making route planning not easy. One example is a road in Malaga…
  • Hi Daniel That looks very much like it but as I say if you dont zoom in as far as possible its difficult to see and read. The strange thing is I have checked my mobile phone and on my phone the mydrive map is the same as the mapshare map which is fine. Is it possible to go back to the previous mydrive map on my PC which is…
  • Hi Daniel Sorry for my ignorance but do not know a lot about computers. How do i take screenshot on my PC. Dont worry if not possible what I will do is plan a route on google maps then try and import as I can't use the new mydrive map googles map is much easier to see and read. Mapshare map is fine. cheers
  • Hi Daniel Ihave just looked at the mydrive map and the mapshare map on my PC to compare and the mapshare map is easy to see and everything like roads etc are clear and visible without zooming in so the mapshare map is much better than this new mydrive map.
  • Hi Daniel I live in Spain and the mydrive map was fine very easy to see and read like the mapshare map but suddenly for no reason the mydrive map has changed. It now is difficult to see and if you do not zoom in 100% many roads etc are just not visible and even when you do zoom in 100% it is still difficult to see roads…
  • sorry but I live in spain and the mydrive map on my pc was fine but suddenly it has changed and now the map is hard to read and see and the vast majority of roads etc are just not visable without zooming in 100% making route planning vertically impossible.
  • Agree Rich1325 this new map layout on mydrive makes it nearly impossible to plan routes because unless you zoom in fully 100% streets, towns, cities etc etc are just not visible making the new map layout hopeless for route planning. Come on tomtom get your act together
  • Getting very disheartened, losing faith and trust in tomtom.
  • compare the two maps mydrive and mapshare the mapshare map is much easier to see and read than the mydrive map. The mydrive map was ok but something has been changed or updated on mydrive map making it difficult to see roads etc when trying to plan a route.
  • Same for me all of a sudden on mydrive if you don't zoom in as far as possible you can't see any roads, towns or cities on the map which makes it very awkward when trying to plan a route.
  • cheers mate will give that a try.
    in POI Comment by cbrfireblade April 15
  • thanks YamFazMan will try importing. Just a shame tomtom let themselfs down with the POI
    in POI Comment by cbrfireblade April 15
  • one thing i forgot to mention if i log into mydrive on my phone the mydrive app says device is not in range but the device and my phone are about 2 inches apart.
  • totally agree Marcellis, that would be very useful. If Waze can do it there is no reason why tomtom can not. for me this would be much more useful than things like petrol pump prices etc. Come on tomtom its 2021.
  • thanks for the input roadrider. I assume by BT you mean british telecom but i live in spain. not knowing a lot about phones and computers etc and going by some of the other posts here I am assuming that to avoid excessive data use i only switch on bluetooth and mobile data and everthing else is switched off. cheers.
  • no sim card and pay a subscription after 1 year not good. May as well use google maps or Waze.
  • Hi YamFazMan Will give that a try thanks. But tomtom really do need to look for a more reliable source. I have looked at some POI on the mydrive map around areas in andalusia that I am familiar with and a few times its been wrong address but mainly the map location is not just a little out but for example a venta in Bornos…
  • I give up with POI via tripadvisor, the main problem is inaccurate map location. When planning a route will look on google maps to find a coffee bar, tapas bar etc as a stop on route. The stupid thing is tripadvisor use google maps so why their map location sometimes is no where near the correct location and look up the…
  • thanks guys much appreciated. If I understand correctly when using the rider I unsycronise my go6200 and the route from mydrive will only be sent to the rider. When I am using the go 6200 I unsyncronise the rider and the route only goes from mydrive to the go 6200. Basically I unsyncronise whichever devise I am not using…