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  • thanks to the recommendations, it’s now back and working .....what did I do? A lot of different things....any one of those things responsible for the results? Beats me! One was the recommendation to lock the orientation as suggested, I also down loaded a pending software update, then I went in to settings and turned off…
  • I came here to this discussion because I was getting nowhere in another thread after 2 days and countless requests to actually talk to a human....the webpage is totally screwed up, it bounces from the page that asks for my statement, always winding up in the discussion forum which has gotten me nowhere...I want to talk to…
  • no...that would only prevent it from switching orientation, not preventing screen from going dark. You have no other solution? From reading other posts this problem is not uncommon, and people have received a new unit as replacement. That’s what I want, after spending this kind of money.
  • Impossible!!! Frustrating.!!! If I didn’t have over 1,000 routes in my 550 I wouldn’t bother....I tried the links Yaz gave me above, and it keeps taking me to the discussion page, to the forum....the red button at the bottom right corner “contact us” never stays on the screen long enough and when I do manage to click it,…
  • to kieron.....yes, adjusted and re-adjusted the angle and no change, but this shouldn’t be necessary, the unit should work consistently regardless of the angle....and to steven, how do you get in touch with tom-tom!? I tried their website looking for a “technical” contact for customer and all I found was all this online…
  • I have the 550 for my motorcycle, and it also started having this problem: the device goes dark for seconds at a time, sometimes it lasts as long as 20-30 seconds, very disconcerting, worried that it will shut down permanently at any time during a ride on unfamiliar also switches orientation from horizontal to…