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  • Thank you, Vikram. I will contact customer services but it is very odd. I was in touch with them in July this year when I couldn't get LIVE Services to work. It was on their advice that I did my first factory reset. Since then it has worked fine. And, as I said, I paid for a 3-year subscription last December (Order…
  • Thanks, Willy875. I'd like Vikram to check it out if possible. Bob
  • Ok, so I took the plunge and made a full reversion to factory settings, losing all my settings, favourites, and so on. And it is still not working. 'Live Services' is enabled and under 'Connection Status' I see the SIM ID, other device details, and signal strength. But it sits there 'connecting'. Though it doesn't. I'm…
  • Thanks, Willy875 but, as I said in my original post, I am reluctant to do that since I will lose all my personal settings. For the THIRD time in the one year that I have had the car! I don't understand it. I know it would be unrealistic to expect a brand new software product to work perfectly but this product is almost 10…
  • I did reset it. Turned out I needed to do that to get LIVE services working. LIVE now works, but the volume issue remains. It's odd. If the radio volume is at a normal sort of listening level then it seems to work correctly. But if the radio is turned very low or to zero then the Carminat will keep reverting to 'very…
  • That's a blow. It'll be a right pain getting everything back again. But thanks anyway.
  • Hello. I have a 2012 Megane with built-in dash-mounted Carminat TomTom. I understand that to set the TomTom volume I should adjust it during an announcement. I do that but the next announcement is, again, very quiet. It makes no difference if I use the steering wheel control or the Bose (audio system) control. Any ideas?
  • Hi Vikram. I did find a copy of the VAutoTTS folder containing the Serena voice, copied it to the root directory of the SD card, and all seems to be well now. Bob
  • Thank you for your quick reply, Vikram, but I am puzzled. I've had the car - and the Carminat - just 2 days and done nothing with it apart from connecting to TomTom Home and updating the maps and subscribing to 'Live' services. So I can't see how I could have lost the computer voices. Might it be that one of the previous…