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  • I at least was able to get a new strap under warranty directly from TomTom just two months ago, so you could try buying from their website (quite expensive though).
  • The Adventurer manual says: Note: Trail orientation is controlled by a setting. Start an activity, press down from the "please wait/get going" screen and then select ROTATION. Choose ON to orientate the trail in the direction you are heading and OFF to orientate the trail to the North.
  • I'm not sure if this would work, but you can already choose Training / Laps / Manual as your workout type. Then you can create a "lap" and move to the next phase by covering the watch with your hand (this is available at least on Adventurer, but I would guess probably on other watches as well). In TomTom sports, each…
  • According to TomTom's Fitness Age User Manual, "VO2max [and thus also Fitness Age] is calculated when you do a running activity like running, trail running, or treadmill, and have a relatively steady heart rate measurement for more than 15 minutes." So my understanding based on that is that cycling does not affect VO2max…
  • The funny thing is that the watch does measure and store also second-by-second running cadence during the activity. TomTom just doesn't make it available or visible anywhere (for whatever reason). If you use third-party utilities like the Linux ttwatch (, you can actually dig up the…
  • I recently ordered Screenknight protector for my Adventurer, and it's been fine. A little pricey as it comes with just one protector, but we are talking just a couple of euros here, anyway. Brotect also sells compatible protectors for Spark 3 / Adventurer.
  • To my knowledge, TomTom licensed the Fitness points and Fitness age algorithms from FirstBeat, just like Garmin ( So while the algorithms are probably not 100 % same, they should be based on the same principles.
  • I'm having the same problem with my TomTom Adventurer and Honor 8 phone. I was told my TomTom support that these would "be solved in future updates", we'll see. As a temporary solution, at least in my case turning off bluetooth on the phone and turning it back again (without shutting down the TomTom Sports app) solves the…