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  • That feature already exists. If you don't have connectivity you will see a crossed out traffic icon in your route bar, similar to this.
  • I would't call them out of date, I'd call them inconsistent. Sometimes very new roads or POIs correctly appear and other times I just stare at it trying to figure out how a petrol station could be shown in the middle of a lake.
  • Yes, that's the one. It may not be obvious but that menu scrolls. At the very bottom is a "Settings" icon which takes you to the usual settings. Impractical? Yes, But it does exist. Agreed, TomTom's idea of improvement seldom seems to connect with what their customer's request.
  • If your unit somehow got into demo mode then entering a destination and driving at a good speed for a few minutes usually takes it out of demo mode.
  • 1) The current time is no longer displayed nor is there an option to display it. I agree it was a poor decision to remove it. 2) When on a route, the menu button moves to the right of the screen. When you select it you are presented with a few options and can scroll to get to more options. This is not something which is…
  • Do you have hotspot enabled on the phone?
    in Bluetooth Comment by big November 2021
  • I've been in many areas in the US and prices have been shown. Except in Florida! I've never seen fuel prices appear in Florida. Strange. Maybe some prohibition against in that state?
  • Parking prices were never part of the offering. Parking availability is shown where data are provided (e.g. 29 spaces available). I can't even imagine how prices could be reported -- for first 15 minutes? For first hour? For overnight? For compact car vs SUV? Covered vs open? Short term vs long term?
  • Petrol prices are received from 3rd parties and at least in some (most?) areas they are crowd sourced but obviously they'd want to know about inaccuracies.
  • Is the phone tethered to the coach at the same time? Bluetooth can only have one data connection open at a time. You can try tethering your phone to the TomTom via WiFi if you need to be also tethered to your coach with a bluetooth data connection.
  • MyDrive Connect is compatible as far as using your computer's internet for system updates and system recovery. However, as stated here before, maps need to be added/updated via a WiFi connection.
  • That's difficult to answer without further qualifying. Definitely, I am happy with the hardware. The unit is fast and the its construction is solid. The windscreen mount for the 7" is excellent. Even better than the 6" which is quite good as well. Software is another issue entirely. If you are ok with a stripped down set…
  • As long as your routes and places are saved in MyDrive and you are logged in with the same account on both MyDrive and on the Discover then the routes and places should transfer. Perhaps not instantly, but nearly so. You can use the MyDrive app on your phone or go to MyDrive on the web at (or both).
  • Isn't discontinued a more accurate word to use instead of suspended ?
  • When the real support options are so few and difficult it's easy for scammers to step in! The scam sites are difficult to remove. They can operate from countries where it is very difficult to prosecute or even to find who to prosecute. But TomTom is not very different. If I google Microsoft support or Quickbooks support…
  • The first bluetooth device you pair with the Discover is the primary connection. If there is more than one connection available the Discover will pair only with the primary one. If the primary one is not available the Discover will not pair with anything unless you manually connect it from either the phone or the TomTom…
  • Not sure what you mean by "warming up" -- I guess the time it takes for the initial map and fix to display, My 620 boots from power off to display of road in about 54 seconds. My Discover does the same in 42 seconds. The Go 6000 is slower than the 620. I think I've heard the processor in the Discover is twice as fast as…
  • Thanks for the updated info, now I don't have to load the Spain map! :)
  • Hard to say if the version of the map you have is that same as the one online, but 3D maps do appear there to be available based on this:,-8.39578,17,0,-0+ver=3 I do not have the Spain map loaded but I might give it a try later to see if 3D buildings appear on my unit.
  • I agree about TomTom's poor choices in feature removal. But if your TomTom does not know about a road closure note there is an "avoid blocked road" function available when you press the 3 dots for the menu on the right during a route..
  • Just in case you are in a smaller city, note 3D maps only are available in somewhat large cities.
  • One reason batteries sometimes have a shorter lifespan in these units is temperature extremes. if you leave them in your vehicle all the time the potentially blistering heat in the summer and the freezing cold in the winter shortens the battery life (mostly the heat). Even in moderate temperatures the unit can get pretty…
  • @CWheels72 Fuel prices work in the US and seem generally accurate. Sounds like somehow your premium services have not been activated. Perhaps a TomTom employee here will be able to confirm your services are active or you can begin a chat with customer service to fix this. Please have your serial number available. (Please…
  • Someone mentioned the procedure here:
  • When you touch the search box, a page comes up which includes "Home" plus the last two or three most recent destinations you've used, plus icons for "My Places" and "Recent Destinations". Since home and 2 or 3 other recent destinations are always there might that will suffice? Those are only 2 clicks. [I say 2 or 3 most…