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  • Sounds like your 6250 is in recovery mode. It needs to download a fresh copy of its firmware to get running again. Yes, a 6250 normally connects via WiFi, but a device in recovery mode can't do that. So... You need to connect your 6250 via a USB ca…
  • The third party charger may be able to give out what it claims but it has to signal to the TomTom that it is a higher power charger. Some chargers don't do that and some devices take what chargers can give regardless, but the TomTom does require the…
  • You can stop them from displaying as noted above. If you no longer want notifications about charging station updates and don't want them on your device at all you will have to contact TomTom customer service.
  • @ajuk You no longer can phone TomTom but do not worry. The Go Premium does include lifetime traffic and speed cameras. You should not have to pay, it will be fixed.
  • Not sure what you mean to do. You certainly can use the device without entering a destination to see what roads are around you. Or you can search for a business name or an address or even the Lat/Lon coordinates of a destination. And in some cases y…
  • TomTom doesn't seem to launch devices on any particular schedule. There could be one next week or not for 5 years. Your guess is about as good as that of most people here.
  • @MikeKay1978 "Lifetime" in this case means as long as the device is supported. It's not YOUR lifetime, but rather the lifetime of the device. At some point a determination is made that a device is limited enough in function that it won't r…
    in The fineprint. Comment by big June 21
  • I've had units asleep for WEEKS and they wake right up when vehicle turns on. The sleep battery life is very long indeed.
  • Yes, it is from TomTom. I have some legitimate TomTom emails from that address plus the domain belongs to TomTom.
  • Also note TomTom devices are pretty power hungry so make sure you use higher capacity points. Ideally, use the charger which came with it, if possible.
  • Is there any chance your satnav is set for walking rather than driving? One-way streets are ignored when it's set for walking. If that's not the case and these are genuine errors the best plan would be to report the errors so the maps can be correc…
    in One way streets Comment by big May 20
  • If you are using WiFi then MyDrive Connect serves no purpose and can be closed. But if your WiFi is a problem, you can connect your 5200 to your computer with a USB cable and then start MyDrive Connect and the internet connection will be shared from…
  • I find doing a soft reset usually helps. Hold down the power button for 15 seconds or so until it restarts and you hear a drum roll. I know it makes no sense since you'd think when the thing restarts on it's own that should be the same as a reset, …
  • @MahoneBay I understand your concerns, but that's not the way most things work -- it's like saying you shouldn't put a 60 Watt bulb into a socket that can supply power for bulbs up to 300 Watts. The TomTom takes what it needs. It doesn't know where…
  • I exclusively use high powered (2.1A) chargers with our TomTom devices. Have been doing so for many years with no issues due to the chargers.
  • Many people are having trouble with home routers supplied by BT. If you can find a different WiFi source someplace it likely will work. But the other thing to do if you have a PC or Mac computer is to install MyDriveConnect on the computer. Connect…
  • On the iPhone I don't recall pairing requests distinguishing between regular BT vs BTLE but it doesn't much matter. One pairing request is for traffic data and the other is for handsfree and associated functions. The traffic pairing pretty much doe…
  • On the newer devices one of the icons near the volume slider controls messages. See the top of page 39 here:
  • That style charger is the same for multiple devices. Newer devices use a different mount which has a micro USB tip inserted into the cradle instead of the bigger TomTom connector. As long as you don't buy one of those newer ones, which are pretty ob…
  • You don't generally have to go to any website to get the Go5200 working. Are you saying it won't start up at all?
  • Shouldn't be a difference in the screens. Then again. there is no real hardware difference between the premium and the 5200 anyhow.
  • The QR code is a shortcut but you don't have to use it. You can pair devices without it.
  • On 2-way streets the TomTom nearly always takes me to the proper side of the road even if it means having me turn around somewhere to do it. Alas, it is not 100% perfect. I don't know of a way to force that.