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  • If you eliminate MyDrive you may find traffic works properly. Unpair your device and phone and remove those entries from the 620 and the phone. Then, without going to MyDrive, pair the Go 620 with your phone. Make sure Personal Hotspot or the equivalent is active on your phone. I don't understand the question about…
  • It's been asked for many times. The requests have been ignored.
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  • I've had the satnav take a motorway exit and get right back on in order to avoid congestion between the entrance/exit. Of course, if there was no congestion then it is odd behaviour indeed. Likewise, I have compared google to TomTom and sometimes TomTom takes odd routes, such as cutting through a town. Usually the TomTom…
  • @shanna44 Where are you trying to sign in? If you are able to log in to the website but not log in directly on the Discover, try resetting the password from the website, perhaps to one somewhat more simple. There have been some reports of the satnav requiring a shorter password than the website.
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  • Hi @Willy875 There is no SIM in the 620.
  • The newer models have lifetime maps and traffic. You DO have to pay annually for speed cameras though. There's no indication they are phasing out the 620s. There won't be feature updates but maps and traffic should be available for quite some time.
  • Editing stored addresses typically is done by logging in to MyDrive on the web. Places you store on the web, as well as recent destinations, are synced with all of your device(s) which are signed in with the same account. So you can add or edit places or plan routes using your computer and the changes will be reflected on…
  • There ARE places selling the battery. For example: but obviously you should buy from someplace in your country if this is not. Ebay and Amazon are other sources. Changing the battery is not too difficult if you are somewhat good with such stuff. I have…
  • Sometimes there is some confusion about which device serial numbers have lifetime maps. Perhaps next week one of the moderators here can make sure your settings are correct and update as necessary.
  • Hello Hans, Many people have mentioned the lack of current time. I, too, hope TomTom comes to their senses and adds it, but I am not optimistic. Not sure quite what you mean about fuel prices. Perhaps the issue is that although they ARE shown, it's only the nearby ones which are shown so you can't shop around very much? I…
  • Absolutely. I don't know of any way to convince them, unfortunately. It's crazy that it's not there -- it's something that's already known.
  • Yes, "lifetime" map updates are included. The subscription items are speed cameras, fuel prices and parking info.
  • Also suggest checking if there are other bluetooth connections to your phone trying to do the same thing (use internet data) at the same time. It then becomes an issue of "which device grabs your phone's attention first". (That's a Bluetooth limitation, not a TomTom one.) If you have other devices paired try disconnecting…
  • That's a lot of maps. Planning on taking a drive around the world? ;) But seriously, sounds like there is some map corruption. In your case, deleting the maps and adding them again would probably be a lot quicker and have better results than trying to update them (especially since that doesn't work!). Hope you hear…
  • @TTDisc On the Discover map updates download until the device is nearly full. Then you get that false message asking you to delete unused maps, which you may ignore. When this occurs, during the next 10 or 15 minutes the maps you have downloaded update the ones on the device and the old maps are deleted to make free space.…
  • Hi Tony, The Discover can connect to the mobile hotspot via bluetooth or via WiFi. Bluetooth is preferred because it is a much lighter protocol but if both Bluetooth and WiFi are available Wifi will take precedence. So to answer your question, Bluetooth alone without WiFi is fine. I do think the Honda+ app may be…
  • @msucitroencx Maps can only be downloaded via WiFi. If you are connecting to your computer then you will be told updates are available but there will be none to download. Once you connect via WiFi the download/update button will show.
  • Lots of questions there. Let's see... * The hotspot connection need only be bluetooth. Wifi will drain the battery more quickly and potentially use more data. * In many phones mobile hotspot automatically turns off if it is unused for a period of time. This feature can be disabled in the Mobile Hotspot settings on your…
  • Yes, that's fine. You have an audio connection and a streaming media connection. The TomTom uses a data connection, so it's a different type of connection. The Garmin watch does occasionally use data but just a short spurt via an app so it shouldn't be an issue.
  • There currently is no way to show what version map you have. Indeed, since maps are updated frequently and by region you may have several different versions of maps on your device at the same time.