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  • Tomtom ignore most reports, even supply photo evidences. For sample I live in new built area. Some neighbours moved in 2016, I moved in 2017 and latest Tomtom maps v.10.25 still don't show our address. Garmin maps show our address from summer 2018.
  • (Quote) 16GB card enough for Europe map (still over 6.2GB internal and 7.5GB SD card free space for more maps). 8GB card not enough for Europe map with buildings, but you can select smaller Europe map without building or with buildings for some cou…
  • Best way or select alternative route or put point on map and plan route via this point (Kalvarija or Lazdijai). If you select Vilnius - you receive route via Belarus, if you select Klaipeda you receive route via Russian Federation, if you select Kau…
  • When select Quick search mode and Step by step search mode and try find some UK postcodes device find different locations. Please check why different search modes show different names/locations. Small sample postcode SO212JY, SA409UR and etc. When …
  • There problem with new Navcore v.17 SETTINGS -> SYSTEM -> CHOOSE A SEARCH MODE for some UK postcodes QUICK SEARCH and STEP BY STEP SEARCH show different results. Hope new navcore sort these problems.
  • There problems with wrong map data. When available 2 or more possible routes between START and DESTINATION most likely device offer worst route. Unfortunately Tomtom very slow update database and sometimes sort problems in one place, but mess in ano…
  • 1.Battery indicator must be visible during driving. 2.Separate Address and POI search (like on Android version) because not enough space for long names. 3. Avoid part route or avoid street on route - click direct on street and select AVOID. At this …
  • Zsolt there 3 years old problem. I many times reported about new roundabout, but zero reaction from TT (Google sorted within few days), 2014 TT rejected report, 2015 accepted, but anyway can't see. Reported again, but no lucky. (Image) P.S. near …
  • Zsolt you always talking that Google have much more employees than TomTom. There problem not with employee amount, but Google and TT use different rules when update maps. If you remember until 2015 TT ignored all small roundabouts, because they thin…
  • P.S. most laptops use "clever" charging system, so 70% laptops you can connect to charger forever without risk overcharge battery. Later with special equipment check new TomTom charging system.
  • There long discussion. I over 20 years working with PC, GPS and etc. In my practice batteries working much longer when allow discharge and charge. Li-Ion batteries dislikes deep discharge, low temperature and etc. If talk about 2 - 4 years batteries…
  • dmulv -> Li-Ion battery allow you start charging any time as you want, but not keep connected to charger permanently. Every Li-Ion battery will die if you charge without disconnection 2-3 months. Some vehicles cut power when you switch off engine…
  • arichard Clock you can disable and you see only arrival time. Battery indicator (there plenty space for indicator) needs if user want keep battery life for longer time (if you permanent connect your device to charger your battery die after few month…
  • dhn -> battery indicator must be visible ALWAYS during driving like on old devices without any button pressing (during driving anyway unable press that small circle (this is dangerous or user can't reach device with hand). I many times asked add…
  • Tenerife available on Europe map. Every December I too travel to Tenerife. Mapping not too bad. Missing some places, routing planning not ideal, sometimes need look to road sings and ignore Tomtom route if want avois trip via narrow serpantine road.