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  • I think there's a relatively easy compromise here. We know that the TomTom traffic algorithm builds into it an expectation of when it thinks delays will be cleared. So perhaps we could stick to the current 100-150km radius for all jams, but then extend that radius by the same again for those incidents (major accidents,…
  • I think I may have had this issue as well, with my GO 520, following downloading the new Europe map this week. Drove into London yesterday and a lot of cameras seemed missing on the A205 and also the average speed cameras on the A2 eastbound. I reported several of them through the device. It seems to me it was the map…
  • I might not be following but I think you can do this - certainly I have my radio playing with Tomtom coming out of the phone speaker but with the phone still connected to the car via Bluetooth so that calls get routed to the car. To do this I simply wait until the phone has linked up with the car, then swipe up from the…
  • "TomTom Go Mobile only suggests a new route when the difference in time is sufficiently large. Unfortunately TomTom won't tell me what "sufficiently" is. Either this setting needs to be changeble or alternative routes need te be presented at all times with total-travel-time and delays so you can choose" Totally agree with…
  • "I would like to inform you that the Android App was released about 18 months ago and the iPhone App was released 2 months ago." Version 1.0.2 was released on 11th February 2016. So more like 10 months ago. I think the representative is confusing it with Version 1.4, which was released the beginning of October. An easy…
  • I'm starting to think that the reason you get three years of subscription for the new app thrown in for free is that is how long Tomtom expect it to take to get the new app up to the functionality of the old app. As it stands, I prefer the look/layout of the new app but the functionality is sorely lacking, which is very…