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  • My last returns were to Romania, it's a disaster, they were handled much better originally in Belgium (I think). Support calls are now handled in India so little if any help there.... I'm thinking the best option is to disassemble the unit and place in a warm dry area for 24hrs
  • As you guys know I had numerous 410's replaced under warranty, eventually replaced with a 450 that had the same problem. I was supplied with a new retail packaged 450 when I returned from our European trip....went for a ride yesterday (warm day) and guess what, condensation again. So we know its not limited to refurb…
  • My replacement Rider 450 was exchanged for a brand new retail packaged unit - within a few days it has started to mist up, so even the latest units still have this issue unfortunately
  • We're off to Spain etc in a couple of weeks, I expect condensation behind the screen, I doubt it's rain, the unit is waterproof. All mine fail when there is a heat or altitude differential. 24C in the UK and my latest Rider 450 failed.
  • Glad they have now confirmed a 2 year warranty to both of us, something that non of the forum moderators chose to mention /Paul L
  • I've spoken to Tomtom UK customer service and raised a complaint regarding this forum and the misinformation being offered. Agent was extremely helpful, professional and has confirmed my case has been escalated again. It has also been confirmed that a 2 year warranty applies in the UK - sorry can't advise about EU. I'll…
  • Just to make everyone aware, some of my comments have been removed by a moderator as I have quoted PM'd messages between TomTom and myself. I will make an official complaint with TomTom regarding the miss information being provided to customers, that ignore UK and EU consumer protection laws which is there for our…
  • Hi advanced.riders This is Vikram the moderator on the English community. I would request you to please send me the incident number in which the customer service wrongly informed you about the device warranty. I will wait for your reply Thanks and regards Vikram Sorry Vikram, but I think you need to read about the UK…
  • Consumer law in the UK probably the EU gives us the right to sue for upto 6 years. You are supplying goods with a known fault from the factory which means they are not fit for purpose! That does not entitle tomtom to change any warranty terms to 6 months!
  • I wouldn't be paying £105, these units are supplied from Tomtom with a known issue, it's carried on from the 410 to the 450. As the units are faulty as manufactured tomtom cannot enforce a 1year warranty timescale.
  • According to Tomtom the warranty is reset every time the unit is replaced, so I've got one for life at this rate. I'm riding around Spain in a couple of weeks so we'll see what happens. No real urgency to return as the replacement will be exactly the same
  • I bought a Rider 410 a year ago, it has now been replaced 4 or 5 times, I never wash my bike with the TomTom fitted but has failed with condensation issues. Usually when it's a warm day, or large difference in temp or pressure ( Stelvio Pass). Last time it was replaced with a 450 and guess what, yesterday was warm and the…