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  • Update: i played golf this past weekend. The watch shows distances again. problem: when connecting to the app, the score is different from that on the watch (which is correct as I enter the score after each hole) and wildly incorrect. One or two…
  • Thank you Jurgen. I installed the beta, and restored my watch. Seems to have worked! was also able to connect to the app by following your instructions. Thanks for that as well. all that’s left is for me to test it, hopefully this weekend... I’…
  • I did the work around (which customer service said didn’t exist btw... and then told me NOT to reset the watch... which is what broke the watch in the first place and was why I was complaining in the first place... ha). the work around gets the wat…
  • How long does it take to test a fix? I would say at the most 2 hours. It either works or it doesn’t. i think TomTom has forgotten about us! extremely disappointed... would contact them, but no t only does it take 2 weeks for them to get back, bu…
  • jurgen: i dont mean to be snarky (since your workaround seemed to work for my watch... pity it doesn’t for some of the others), but shouldn’t the update have been tested before it was released in the first place? why can’t TomTom roll back the clo…
  • Hooky. That’s disappointing. ive finally heard back from customer service and they say “a couple days” and they’ll have an updated app. dont know how long their couple days are
  • Hooky. You have a PC. Delete the app from the computer. Download the .exe from the link above. Open it, and it’ll say you need to update it... don’t click anything, and quit it. Maybe on the menu? I forget. Or a button at the bottom. Don’t c…
  • Hold the button in the down position and then connect to computer... keep holding until the a different logo appears... I believe it is a hand holding a ball or glove or something. Let go and then it should factory reset. It may prompt you to rest…
  • And by the way. Never have a forced update! Ask if we want it or not.
  • Mine works fine again... though I haven’t tried it. Was not a cumbersome fix. Deleting one app, downloading another and editing 2 numbers is not hard. Simple google search to find that folder... now I know what to do when the next update messes u…
  • It’s in the options... right before you click to register.
  • If you are talking about from the mysports app, then you get one opportunity... before registration. Which is right before it crashes from “updating” the courses. Which sort of makes it useless... unless you let it crash, restore it again and then…
  • Same problem. Sent 4 help requests. Got NO response. I have a golfer 2 se... completely expect them to (maybe) fix the golfer 2 and forget about the se. How did they release an update that would brick all their products???