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  • Thanks Genti, Sorry, we don't have a webshop for Serbia or Albania. But your account is registered in the European country channel. So you should able to order the map on the Ireland mapshop. Just trick the website by entering an address that look…
  • Hi @JWSJWS Welcome to the community! I would recommend that you get in touch with the customer service as they would be able to help you better with the order and discount related stuff. Regards Vikram
  • Hi EvelynKiang Looks like last updates failed with an error related to internet connectivity. - Aggressive anti-virus / firewalls. - Poor wi-fi connection. - ISP (Internet Service Provider) or router issues. This also includes business networks. …
  • Hi @chriscarminat02 There is a workaround available, to help you with it; please get in touch with our customer service. Regards Vikram
  • Hi @Paulerikjensen Welcome to the community! Could you try reinstalling TomTom HOME. You can download the latest version from this link- After the reinstall, if you still see an error ple…
  • Hi @gentrizvanolli Welcome to the community! Could you try placing an order on our webshop online? Here is a link- Regards Vikram
  • hi @lukas2009 We don't have a subscription for 5 Years on map update services. World maps don't have the option to select the camper vehicle- Europe Camper subs…
  • Hi @oldhand Welcome to the community! Your device comes with World maps so you can install a small map of Venezuela or UK and ROI to the internal memory of the device. Using a memory card you can expand the internal memory can install a larger ma…
  • Hi Chris You still have an active subscription for Europe map update service. However the error- " Checking for updates " is a known issue with TomTom HOME and we have a ticket which is under investigation. Regards Vikram
  • Hi EvelynKiang Considering the map file to have a problem won't be appropriate, we would have created a ticket for it (The map was released back in November 2019.) I agree that the USA map is around 6GB but when map installation fails at 99% it of…
  • Hi gapdealba Welcome to the community! GPS connectivity is not related to subscriptions. I think the issue could be related to the WNRO which happened last year. See more information on this topic-…
  • Hi @EvelynKiang Welcome to the community! Looks like there is not enough space to install the full USA map to the internal memory of the device. You can choose to expand the memory by adding a class 10 memory card or the second option would be to…
  • @lukas2009 Those options to select vehicle types are available when you have a Europe Camper map installed. For the device you mentioned above, it has a standard Europe map for car navigation. Regards Vikram
  • Hi @Jimbo152 Welcome to the community! Just connect the device to MyDrive Connect the old map should get removed. Disconnect the device and do a soft reset. Connect again and check for updates. A copy of the map should be offered for download. R…
  • Hi Slinks Welcome to the community! Your device has around 6 GB of free space available. You have a model with World maps and so the map of UK and ROI should get offered for download. What makes you think that there is not enough space available …
  • Hi @mullern88 I asked our 2nd Line team to review the download logs for your device. Looks like the map update process gets stuck due to connectivity issues. In most cases, this is related to an interrupted connection. • Aggressive anti-virus / f…
  • Hi Mark1671 Welcome to the community! Have you purchased a new map? Which exact build-in device model do you have? Regards Vikram
  • Hi moo963 Are you looking to change the user name for your account on the community? Do you want to change it to dave103? (subject to if it's not picked up already) Regards Vikram
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  • Hi Asprin I am sorry but your question is not very clear to me. Are you saying when you open a topic or discussion which has multiple pages it takes you to the 1st page instead of the last page where the recent comment was posted? Or are you refe…
  • Hi @Elenarv Welcome to the community! Try to identify the correct model of your device, see this link- Here is another link where you will find all the available accessories on our webshop-…
  • @Howie_1102 Hi Howie, Welcome to the community! Your devices come with pre-installed Europe maps but you can buy a US map on our webshop. Download it using the MyDrive Connect application. Map Webshop Regards, Vikram.
  • Hi Dabney You cannot customise the location of the route bar and it's by design placed on the right side of the screen display when driving on a planned route. Regards Vikram :)
  • Hi @MickMick62 I have asked the team to make some changes in the backend. I would suggest that you do a factory reset on the device and log in to the device with your TomTom account to activate TomTom Services. Once done test the device on a plann…