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  • @YamFazMan For some reason I never saw your response till now. I'll have to find out what I do that causes it to start at the beginning. Of course it is now December in Ohio and snow and cold so it will be a while before I test it. I'm still wishing it would just show the next instruction like almost every other GPS I've…
  • Yamfazman Regarding the instruction order on the instruction bar. My current opinion is if you import a trace it always starts at the first instruction no matter where you are on the trip and you have to scroll to your current point. If I import way points or have the GPS calculate the trip then it starts at the next…
  • I'll have to retest that. Trying to read it while riding is not easy and when I did it the other day the top instruction did not look like where I was going but I quickly quit trying to read it and closed it back up. Too much concentration for me to read it thinking I had to scroll.
  • After playing with the settings and the suggestions above I take it this cannot be done. Hitting the info bar while riding to see a list of all instructions that I have to scroll through to get to where I am and what is next is entirely unacceptable while riding. Why they cannot do a software upgrade and fix this is beyond…
  • Thanks but all of the above was known. Current route is on and early instruction is on. I'm not at the unit currently but I know this. I also found out that tapping the info bar will look at the route with the next turn. My question is, if it knows the next route why does it not show it instead of just "Turn right in 5…
  • I see TomTom monitors this board not so well or they have no clue either.