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  • Hi Doug What a nightmare. I’m trying what I’ve typed below from home, If I switch the Sat Nav on and from the menu click Drive Home, bingo it opens a map up with a symbol of a house smack bang on the road I live in. I appreciate I’m at home trying it out so the sat nav will pick up my present location. Having said that if…
  • Hi Doug I’m back again, when I log into and made a selection of vehicle I’m presented with this screen: if I then click the small arrow indicated in the green circle I'm presented with this screen: I keep getting 24 Chesnut Drive Stafford which is not my home address but keeps opening up as that by…
  • YamFazMan I'll have a dam good go at what you have said, as it would be ideal for me. I like the idea of being able to program a route directly into the device especially when on the move. I don't normally take my desktop pc with me :) and as I only use a PAYG mobile phone connecting to the internet via that would no doult…
  • Doug Iv'e now found out how to select the type of vehicle, so one less thing for you to explain to me. I appreciate it is probably all very elementary to you, but me and modern technology don't go together very well. I guess thats the problem when you come from an age when the nearest thing you could get to a pocket…
  • Doug I forgot to mention, you said click on vehicle type I want to create route for, No I can't even see an option to do that, have a look at what I'm seeing, maybe you can sort me out from it hopefully. Clive
  • Hi Doug Thank you for your reply When I sign into mydrive, I type in the address bar as soon as I click the arrow at the end of the address bar, a web page opens up with a map on it and the address changes to:,-2.11814,13,0,-0+ver=3 and…
  • Thanks for trying to help me guys below is an account of what I'm doing which I assume is wrong. Go to Sign in Type in Password Click the two arrows (plan route) and slide out window will appear. Search for an address using the top box by starting to type the address and if you want to click from the…
  • Hi Doug Thanks for putting me right its much appreciated, I guess I was comparing the Go Camper with my old sat nav which was a TomTom 520. If I didn’t want to travel on motorways I just put a tick in a box. Looks as though with the Camper there are that many buttons to press in order to achieve the same thing one has to…
  • Hi DougLap With your help I think I’ve managed to sort it out, my problem was with all the caravan sites showing plus all the National Trust Sites and English Heritage ones the maps were appearing rather busy, but at least now I can turn off for example the National Trust just leaving English Heritage sites showing or visa…