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  • Hi there, in my humble opinion I think TomTom need to sort out the problems with the devices they have already on the market, before offering a new device, which may have the same issues we are hearing about in these forums. Just my opinion.
  • @ManualLacking hi there, I think the white plastic card is for smoothing out any air bubbles as you put on the screen cover?
  • @mapfanatic, when certainly does matter if it has been sold as having weekly updates etc. I would prefer little and often rather than waiting a month for a huge update, just personal opinion.
  • Had a big map update this morning thanks TomTom. Just a bit more information on when the updates will be available. Weekly or Monthly? Thanks again.
  • One of the major buying points for me was the weekly updates on the Go Expert. This now seems to have gone by the wayside. I'm very disappointed at the lack of loyalty TomTom are showing towards their customers, and yes there are no weekly updates again!! At least give us an update on the current situation TomTom.
  • @tonygr. The normal width of an HGV trailer is around 2.6m give or take a few mm. So I think this is where TomTom would get that limit from. It's just a guess though.
  • @Lost_Soul yeah strange. As I said even on the remote chance there were no actual road changes that week at least there are enough road errors to be getting on with.
  • @tonygr. You can carry loads up to 3.5m without the need for an Escort or second man in the vehicle.
  • Yeah I totally agree. I'm sure it would be simple enough. It's a very useful aide.
  • Lost_Soul. Completely agree with the idea of a dedicated team to sort this out once and for all. It makes people feel that they are being taken for a ride that this has been reported by so many and that there seems to be very little done about it. Seems like all complaints are falling on deaf ears.
  • YamFazMan. I concur wholeheartedly with what u r saying and therein lies the problem. I've see so many errors but I know it is a pointless task reporting them. Why should I waste my precious time writing to them to correct an error, and let's remember I was doing it for myself and the benefit of the other users, when I…
  • @YamFazMan Hi, thx for that answer I've got the TT expert but it is worth bearing in mind Cheers
  • @Lost_Soul. Yes they sure do obliterate the map when zoomed out. Would b nice if TomTom overplayed the route when there are a lot of Poi"s but that is just me wanting my cake and eat it. Let's just get the important changes done first.
  • @Lost_Soul. Thx for getting back to me. There must be a limit although on my go pro 6250 there seemed to be no limit. I suppose at least they are still there and not dropped of the map. I do have a lot of faves that a need to keep ad we go go back to these places sometimes a year apart.
  • Thx for the update looking forward to trying it out TomTom.
  • @Ken056 all the Truck ones seem to have an issue with the Dartford Tunnel. This has been brought up for months now. Tomtom seems to be dragging their feet on this. An earlier post said its only possible as a car route.
  • Looks like things are starting to happen keep it up TomTom
  • Another 1.6gb update and yet again it has not corrected the Dartford Tunnel issue. This is incredible, what needs to happen to get something so crucial fixed TomTom? People spend a lot of money on ure products and they seem to be getting ignored!!
  • Another 1.6gb update and yet again it has not corrected the Dartford Tunnel issue. This is incredible, what needs to happen to get something so crucial fixed TomTom? People spend a lot of money on ure products and they seem to be getting ignored!!
  • I fully agree with this comment. It is way past a joke now it has become dangerous. Time and time again customers have brought up these problems and absolutely nothing seems to be done about it. Reporting errors is pointless and I think drivers have got sick to the back teeth with it and accept that they have been conned.
  • The issue with the smart motorway upgrade is that at the moment they seem to use the hard shoulder as the extra lane at peak times. This can cause confusion as the lane can be live one minute the closed the next. Until the infrastructure is in place this will always be the danger unfortunately.
  • Is there any way to download poi from my drive and save..... Maybe to use on another GPS..?
    in POI Comment by Teecee259 January 8
  • @Vitosearay .As far as I'm aware that is the maximum width limit that can be set on the Go Professional.
  • Rather than just having 3 dots there the time could always be displayed. I can't see an issue with it. Fair enough if they replaced it with something else but at least it should be an option in my humble opinion.
  • @Lost_Soul. I feel your pain it does look like the restrictions have been put on with a crayon. These are supposed to be precision applications and as a hgv/camper we cannot take the risk that it is not. I'm really losing all confidence in my go expert. Today I had to put in 10 stops just to make the sat nav go from one…