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  • Ive changed mine, instead of the 5200, ive opted for the 6200, the size comparison from the 5100, last years model is pretty much the same size and only just a tad taller because of the slimmer case design. Plus getting the bigger 6" screen and with the phone message pop up with having the smaller 5 inch screen would make…
  • Ive taken the plunge and ordered the 5200 from amazon, they were doing a really good price, only £249.99. Thanks for everyone's comments. This version is definitely an upgrade from the previous version. Many more features plus the added bonus they have upgraded the cpu and memory. Whereas the 5000/5100 were basically the…
  • Hi, so the incar hands free only works by voice activation from the tomtom? This is not how i thought it operated, i thought you link up by bluetooth and the calling part could be done through the phone and use the tomtom as the speaker and microphone or just use the tomtom without having to use voice activated for…
  • Its like TomTom are only doing tiny improvements, im disappointed they have not put effort into making this new one a much better device considering all the issues the 5000 and 51000 had. So maybe the next version will have everything working in it. Having a slimmer sat nav should not have an adverse affect on the quality…
  • Has anyone had the opportunity to use the hands free side of the sat nav? Im particulary interested in that aspect.
  • Thanks for your reply, the worst thing i hate about these so called TomTom top of the range devices, is there lack of functions, for such a high price item and also feel a lot of new features that dont work, should work really well for a flagship model. It does sound like the people who have purchased it are the real beta…