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  • A update. TT has let me know, that I can get a new divice. So I went to shop, where a bought it and they will handle it. Hopefully this will be the end of this discussion. Thank you all for your help and advice. TTDisc
  • I read somewhere that providers are stopping with GPRS. Also 3G will stop in a short time in some countries. Maybe that is the problem and the reason that the new TT has no simcard. TTDisc
  • I read a time a go, that providers are stopping with GPRS. That might be the reason that the new unit have no more a simcard. TTDick
  • Doug. Sorry I did not answer you direct. But I am not looking every day or week. I have 44 maps on my unit. But I got my unit back from TT. They found out that the program was 'corrupt'. So they installed it again. Then there were 39 maps. When I updated them, it was ready in 2 hours without getting the message again…
  • Hallo Doug. Yes I am sure I am connected with TT Support for I started with the Chat and Messasing. I know you can't reached them by phone. To be sure it is TT, a returned the unit to the shop where I bought it and they will send to TT. I think it a save way to do. The problem was that they ask me several times to do the…
  • Hello Faz and Big. The problem is still not solved. They could not tell me why you can update 'Europe' on the GO6000 without deleting maps and not on de the Discover. In the end they asked me to send the unit in for repair. They think it might be something with the sim-unit. I went back to shop and they help me very well.…
  • Hallo Big. Yes it is a lot of maps. But the problem I discripe is, that I can update the whole map of Europe on my GO6000 without deleting a country. On my Discover is that not possible. I do it now as you wrote. Delete maps. Then update. Then install maps again. Ofcourse I don't need all the maps on daily bases but from…
  • Doug. That is nearly the same experence I had. If you have about the memory left as the update is big, in your case 10,1 memory and 10,6 update, than it might work. In my case I had 3.84 gb memory left and the update was 19.1 gb. It seems that that is not enough for I left it on during the night and morning (12 hours) and…
  • DougLap. In my first article. I wrote I had 412 Mb memory left. But that was after I started updating. Before starting the memory left was 3,84 GB.
  • DougLap. I got the black screen with white letters and renewed the software. On the official support site you get this advice: That is why it did not work. Updating de Europe map (44 countries) still does not work. After…
  • Did what you suggested but there is no different. The unit is now 4 hours on and still nothing is changed. Still 20,9 GB to update en 412 internal memory. I can tell you already that restarting the unit and wait until the black screen with white letters is vissable does not work. That screen will not appear. On the GO6000…
  • I have a problem with updating the Europe map. Every time I get the message that a must remover not used maps. At the start of downloading the update the internel memory is 3,84 GB. After the update proces is stopped with 'remove unused maps' the internel memory is 724 Mb. TT help can't help me till now. Anyone here.