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  • Hi, Have you tried updating via Sports Connect on the PC? If that still fails you can try using Sports Connect to turn the watch on and off. See the POWER OFF RESET steps on this page Failing that the only other thing I can suggest is a factory reset (also on the…
  • Hi, iGolf are constantly updating courses and we receive those updates every day. Each time you sync the watch courses will be updated (first checking for any updates to courses you have recently played and then expanding from your current location until it has 20 updates [mobile] or about 70 [PC]). There is also the…
  • Hi, Sorry I was off last week. I'm not sure why the drive is being mounted as root. That's not actually something we control. The OS should be detecting and mounting the drive with the correct permissions. The fix will depend on what flavour of Linux you're running. All I can suggest is some searching for something like…
  • Hi, The watch just has a summary of the last 10 activities, not the full data. The activity data is removed when it is uploaded to the website. Regards, Stuart.
  • Hi, The device should be under /media/[user] so you can write to it. Try creating a file /etc/udev/rules.d/99-tomtom.rules and putting the following in it (you need to change the 501 to whatever your user group is).SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="1390", ATTRS{idProduct}=="7474", GROUP="501",…
  • Hi, I'm confused because the Log files finish at '2017-08-09' and don't have the verbose logging. I can only assume SportsConnect doesn't have permission to write to the files. Can you check the permissions? Alternatively you can delete the entire TomTom directory and SportsConnect will recreate it when it starts. Regards,…
  • Hi. This page is used to report problems with golf course data. Regards, Stuart.
  • Hi, If you send the log files using the Sports Connect (settings page, advanced section 'Send now' button) I will have a look. You can also have a look yourself if you like, they are plain text and will be somewhere like ~/.local/share/TomTom/MySportsConnect/Log.txt and Log.prev.txt. If you want more verbose logging you…
  • Hi, Does the Sports Connect application window open on your PC when you connect the watch? I assume Sports Connect is running i.e. there is a little watch icon in the system tray? If not then you need to run Sports Connect. If it is running then I assume this is a Windows PC? If so then windows has stopped detecting the…
  • Hi. You can check that a course is covered at this address The watch has all the golf courses on it, so it's strange that course wasn't covered. It could be that it was recently added, but the maps on watch at the time of manufacturing did not contain it. When you connect the…
  • Hi. I've reproduced your problem. It looks like an issue with structured workouts, either we're generating invalid data or MMF have some kind of sanity check that fails. Sorry, but for now you'll have to use the manual import. Regards, Stuart.
  • Hi. No accounts are not stored on the phone or PC, they are stored on our servers. The reason I think you have 2 accounts is because if you can see the activities on your phone, but not on your PC then it implies that the two are connected to different accounts. Accounts are identified by your email address, the email…
  • Hi. I'm not 100% clear on your problem. I believe "while on the phone I have no problem solely on phones that appear in my watch." means that you can see your activities on your phone, but not on your computer? If that is the case then I suspect it is because your have 2 accounts. I can see an account using the email…
  • Hi. The music drive on the watch is exactly the same as a USB stick. A factory reset will not affect that as that is for the watch firmware. If windows isn't showing a drive letter then the drive is not being detected (so Sports Connect will assume it has been ejected). The only things I can think of are 1) Does your…
  • Hi, A recent update to Sports Connect allows you to also drag the .ttbin onto the watch icon on the Settings Page. The Try Again button should then appear. Regards, Stuart.
  • Hi, I assume you are using M3U8 playlists because you don't use Windows Media Player (WMP)? If you use Windows Media Player then you don't need to use the M3U8 files since Sports Connect will talk directly to WMP to obtain your playlists (and so the root music folder should be blank). Assuming you do need to use M3U8 files…
  • Hi, There is a current issue with total elevation change when exporting to Strava. The first value is usually zero which causes the total to be too high (since the change from 0 to the actual height is large). This is fixed in the next server update (this Thursday I think it goes to production). Regards, Stuart.
  • Hi, Can you go to the Advanced Section of the Settings page of Sports Connect on your PC and use the Submit App data to send the log files. Let me know if you do this. Thanks, Stuart.