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  • DougLap: The wifi connects with my house every time I back into the driveway. If it shows updates are available, I update before shutting off the car. I have NOT tried to use my iPhone hotspot because I thought the only way to get traffic was through a bluetooth connection with a smart phone. I'll try it with the hotspot,…
  • DougLap: You were clear, I am foggy. Data for Traffic and Smartphone messages both show "Unable to connect", even when I have MyDrive open on the smart phone. If I enable Hands-Free Calls, that will show connected, the other two remain unable. So I know I have a good bluetooth connection. StephenG
  • DougLap: Thanks for the advice. The only thing that I see different now on the MyDrive app is there used to be a plain small square box in the upper right hand corner of the display, and that is no longer there. The traffic displays fine in MyDrive, but I like the 6" screen for my old eyes, that's why I bought the Go 620!…
  • Yes. I had the first one 'hands-free' turned off, since I have hand-free built into my car. The second and third options, including Data & Traffic are ON, but show as 'not connected'. My phone is shown on the tomtom and my tomtom is shown on my phone, but the two don't seem to get along anymore...
  • DougLap: Thanks, even reset the phone. My Places repopulated just fine, the icons on the top show a bluetooth connection, but no traffic... SteveG
  • JohnJay: Thanks for the prompt reply. Couldn't find the number on the tom tom website, but found it by Google just before you responded. They closed at 6 PM EST, which I thought was 7 PM EDT, but I got the recording at 6:00 PM EDT. I'll try again tomorrow, thanks. BTW the problem: Traffic has been working less and less…