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  • Notice that reporting things don’t seem to get acknowledged. The other night the A48 in Cardiff was closed eastbound due to roadworks. I reported it and the next day the icon was still there, by this time the road had reopened from the night time closure. My report was still showing and it has said waiting to be verified.…
  • They’re so slow at doing anything. There was a group on Facebook and here trying to get them to change it back. Can’t remember how long ago, may have been 2015 or a year or two earlier. TomTom argument was that they don’t take into consideration that delay as it may have gone by the time you get there. Which is useless…
  • Yeah I heard that the traffic was changed several years ago and it all kicked off with a campaign to get TomTom to change it back, but they wouldn’t as in their opinion the traffic maybe gone when you get there, that all fine and dandy but it’s pretty useless if you’re using it to know when to leave, because as you’ve…
  • Hi mate. I had a message yesterday to say an update has happened to CarPlay. I loaded TomTom for the first time in a week and it said it needed a major map update. It’s now finally been updated. According to the App Store the app has had an update to move the maps across to full NDS maps. Hopefully it will be better now…
  • Problem is on the Mapshare the map is correct, on TomTom AmiGO the map is correct but the TomTom Go mobile that you pay to use is wrong. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Just travelled down the B4265 in the Vale of Glamorgan, the road layout changed around 9 years ago and it’s still not updated on the mobile map, however TomTom mapshare its correct…
  • When will the actual map update? Not the pathetic one they do every week. I see for the standalone units and TomTom AmiGo there maps are up to date, but the actual mobile TomTom Go map is years out of date. There is a junction not far away from me that used to be a roundabout, it’s been turned into a new junction with new…
  • 🤣 I remembered several years ago this happened and eventually we did get it removed from the map and it was correctly labelled M4. I think it’s the only motorway in the U.K. that still shows up the E30 on the map, all the others are correctly labelled, no idea why they have put it back. Still doesn’t explain why TomTom…