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  • Not sure if I can post here about competition but it's model 230 from major competitor. :P Compared to Spark it's much much better (more responsive, takes few seconds to adjust after major pace change). Still not 100% accurate but good enough. And there is an option to connect a foot pod which in theory should be event…
  • Hi Guys, I already have a new watch from competition but got reply for my support ticket. Maybe this will be helpful: " I've received a reply from our technical department, apparently we have an ongoing issue with the situation you mentioned, other customers have reported this issue as well. A ticket has been made on this…
  • Ok. It's been almost two weeks since my last message to support and no response from them since then. I've returned my watch and as soon as I get cash back I'll probably buy different watch from competition. So I guess this is good bye from me :(
  • TomTom seems to try avoid the problem by not talking about it. I've written to their customer support week ago and silence since then. I'll wait one more day and return my watch. I guess the only thing we can do is keep this topic floating to warn other potential buyers. Maybe that will motivate TomTom to actually care for…
  • I'd guess you should just return your watch as failing to provide what was promised/advertised. Alternatively you could try with customer support.
  • I've raised an issue with customer service regarding this problem. For now I've been asked to the factory reset (SIC.) and retest. I'll do the retest today and expect no different result. Hopefully then someone will look into this. If this won't get fixed I'll return my watch. I will keep you guys updated with the progress…
  • Looking at this topic and other on the forum I think TomTom won't care about out complains. Probably they won't care until people start returning their watches due to this defect.
  • It's a shame that TomTom refuses to recognize this as an actual problem and provide proper fix.
  • Well, frankly I don't care how bizarre paths TomTom takes to display/calculate/smooth data. I just simply want data that are not so obviously wrong and I reckon that's not very high demand in watch for 230GBP. Currently I consider my watch broken.
  • Ho ChrisVanDeCaab, No one expects instant pace to be very accurate. But if you read through the topic you'll learn that pace reported by TomTom is just absurd and competitors, even using data provided by TomTom watch, report much more accurate pace. For example my today run. Last split - average 5:23. Lowest instant pace…
  • Hi MikkoK, I do not understand how "Current pace is always above average" falls under "acceptable level of accuracy" in TomToms dictionary... You also mention resource available in the watch but that doesn't explain bs. values show on the web/mobile application. If you can not/don't want to provide users with accurate (by…
  • HI, I've started recently topic about this -> Current pace shown by the watch is a sad joke by TomTom.
  • 500m laps won't work if I want for example do 200m pace based intervals... As you mentioned the data is there on the watch it's just shitty algorithms that calculates output.
  • That could be possible workaround I guess but it would be much better if TomTom fixed obvious bug.
  • Average pace seems to be ok. I think it's current pace that's completely wrong. On my run I have a slice of 1km which took 5:56. Average pace is 5:56 which is correct. Current pace for any given moment is almost always above the 5:56 (it drops to 5:55 for a second or two but most of the time it's above 6 mins.). Then there…
  • While I can understand different algorithms for smoothing data I must admit that whatever algorithm Tom Tom is using it's just plain wrong. In this circumstances it is simply a lie to state that TomTom Spark provides data about current pace.