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  • I have come to the conclusion I have been told a load of rubbish by TOMTOM support. It does not state on the futness age guidelines other activities do not count to obtain your fitness age. It is down to earning points which I have done all along. It is a shame as I like the watch and the push button operation instead of…
  • HI, Well that was a waste of time contacting TOMTOM support. Apparently as I do not do outdoor running or cycling it will not display my fitness age. So why do I earn fitness points and get the message saying my fitness age is improving, but does not display it on the metrics. No wonder they are not selling their watches…
  • Why if when I check my points and click on the points bubble does it say my fitness age and VO2 is improving. Surely my fitness age should be shown, if not its a very poor system. I can only assumme there was a bug when I updated the latest software. If not TOMTOM have alot to answer for and should reply to my email about…
  • I too do not see a fitness age. I have been to the trends section and it does not appear. I scroll down to the bottom and my last metric displayed is my sleep. It is not through lack of points either as I have been accumulated them for over a week. I have emailed Tom Tom, but I have not received a reply or solution.
  • Can anyone else confirm if they are having the same issue as myself. That is no fitness age or VO2 displayed in the metrics on either the website or mobile app. On the website under the body graph there is a space at the bottom, but no metrics are shown under the headings. On the mobile app nothing at all shows doing what…
  • Apologies for sounding like a broken record but this gets more frustrating day by day. Checked again on the website and still accumulating enough points and been told to take it easy for one day, so I must be achieving enough points for fitness age and vo2. I realise it is probably inaccurate but may be useful guideline,…
  • I have the HR cardio spark . It is the same on the website as under the body section graph it shows Fitness and VO2 at the bottom. But all it shows under both is 2 dashes and no metrics. I can see the bubble points I have accumulated so part of it is working.
  • Well after a week of increased activity nothing shows either on the website or my mobile. If this is the standard of their software maybe its a good thing they are not continuing with fitness watches. The words "fitness age" do not even appear on my mobile doing what you suggest.
  • Hi again, Could somebody please answer my query above why although earnings points my fitness age and VO2 metrics are not displayed on the website graph when searching under the body section. There is just a dash showing. regards Steven
  • Hi I have the updated version and have been earning points for the past 4 or 5 days. However when I check on the website, although the points are displayed,nothing shows in the fitness age or the VO2 section on the graph. regards Steven