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  • @ysibari Go to Settings > Your name > Subscriptions. There you can find your TT Subscription where you can also end it.
  • Oh?!?! WOW, TomTom, finally!!! This is great job! This might be, it isn't yet (!!), a reason to go back to TT Go with CarPlay. I mentioned it isn't yet a reason to go back to TT. When TT announces the heating issue of my iPhone (and others) has been solved I will come back. For now I am still a happy Apple Maps and/or Waze…
  • My heart is (also) with TomTom, but because they can't or don't want to hear me and probably many others as a customer anymore, my heart is getting smaller. It is a pity that, even though the cost has been reduced, they can no longer live up to what you have to pay to use the app. Come on TomTom, listen to your customers,…
  • @peterkroman @Feckweed405 I am sorry, please, see my post in this topic It is frustrating one of the standard replies of TT says: Sorry Apple and/or the User Interface blah blah doesn't make it possible..... Which is very strange while competitors do not have these issues.... :s
  • @Feckweed405 Nice post and I do fully agree!! However, given past experiences, an answer might be: "thank you, we will pass it on to the relevant team". Followed by a long silence.... unfortunately. :'(
  • @Feckweed405 You say it exactly! Why still using TomTom while others are easier?!? It's crazy to have to stop to enter a navigation address, isn't it? TomTom was the leader and was ahead, but has been caught up over the years. I hope TomTom is aware of this and listens to its customers.
  • Hello @DougLap , yes, that's indeed a 'workaround'..... However wouldn't it be nicer if this just worked out-of-the-box, like with other navigation apps like Google and Apple Maps and Waze? After all, I have given TomTom access to my contacts, and as I said, the contacts show up in the app itself, but not in the app in…
  • Hello, As mentioned in my other post , I have a one-month subscription to see if TomTom was able to solve the issues like the heating of the iPhone, but also I discovered, I still can't get to my contacts in Apple CarPlay. When using the app on the iPhone I can search and enter my contacts, but on CarPlay I still can't.…
  • Yesterday evening I drove some kilometres through my hometown. The iPhone got hot directly from the 1st second :'( . This morning when I drove to my work, a trip for about 55 kilometres and as expected my iPhone 11 Pro Max got hot, really hot and also the iPhone was barely charged. When I use Waze the iPhone doesn't get…
  • Hello @Feckweed405, thank you! I put TomTom aside for a while, for maybe six months, and only used Waze. In itself Waze is perfect and I am a Happy-Wazer, but I still have hope that TT finds a solution for the issue. Even though I see varying reports in this topic I have taken the gamble. That is why I have a subscription…
  • I just re-subscribed. Now not for a year, but only for a month. Just to check if the heating issue which appeared on my iPhone 11 Pro Max has gone in the meantime. I really hope so!
  • @Dave23572 YES! The overheating is also my main issue. It is awfully quit on TomTom's front......
  • They are working hard on a solution for many months now...... :'(
  • @Herbe089 @DougLap This is exactly (one of) the reason why I ended my subscription too. My iPhone 11 Pro Max gets also really hot within minutes. Also my former iPhone 8 Plus got hot when using the app. When using Waze and Google and Apple Maps my iPhone stays very cool all connected the same way to the headunit with Apple…
  • @yehoudin I only have experiences with off-line TomTom and on-line Apple - and Google Maps and Waze. Using (on-line) Google, Apple and Waze results in a very cool iPhone. This having said, could this probably be the issue which results in an (over)heated iPhone?? TomTom Go can only be used with off-line maps. When TT…
  • @DougLap I know. Very strange. Where have you positioned your iPhone? In front of a ventilation opening? A couple of years ago I didn't notice it, because of the positioning of my iPhone.
  • WOW, OMG!!! (Still) NOT GOOD!!! Yesterday I was traveling bij using Waze (of course....), but since I was curious of the heating problems and if these are probably solved after such a log time, I decided to use TomTom Go on my way back. Really out of the sudden after seconds my iPhone 11 Pro Max started heating up so badly…
  • @pk3457 No, unfortunately Tomtom isn't sharing a roadmap :/ . We have to wait, wait and wait until (almost) by surprise an update is announced.......
  • At this moment I am a happy-Wazer. Since my subscription with TomTom ends next month and it stays awfully quit at TomTom's side, for now it looks like I will end my subscription.... I would like to ask TomTom for a status-update, but I know this can and may take a while. For now I will stay a happy Wazer next month.
  • Yes, that would be very desirable.
  • True, that’s an advantage of using TT. However as far as I know/understand the data usage isn’t that much. However, for this reason I increased my mobile subscription to 15GB data per month which is much, to much ;).
  • @JC_AU I have exactly the same experience. About a few years ago I drove my car with my phone also mounted in front of a vent and didn’t notice the over-heating. When I changed my car I also had to find another way of mounting my phone which was unfortunately not in front of a vent anymore and from that moment I noticed…
  • @lampard Sorry, but really?!? In July 2020 I already mentioned/asked for it see my topic. Apple CarPlay IS voice-based!!
  • @Liland You marked your 2nd post as answer. However, is this right? To my opinion Moderators do not look or cannot find posts marked as answer.
  • @Feckweed405 Check the time-frame...: https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/1125635/tomtom-go-with-apple-carplay-what-is-missing#latest