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  • Just used my 550 for the first time. Actually thinking of Selling it and going back to my rider 400. You totally messed ut the function to call someone and to answer. That is now something between the phone and the interco/headset. The TomTom rider …
  • Bought the rider 550 a week ago and today I took my first ride. I must say that the gps is working fine for me.. but sice I used the 400 for 20000 km I'm used to the gui and all. The thing that really dissapointsme is the way you interact with the p…
  • I did it 6 years ago when I accidentaly burned the dock. Had to buy a new one and thought I might as well could open it so see.. I could open it but in the process you will destroy the dock. And if I recall you can't change the pins due to the way i…
  • Hi Well.. that was what I thought to.. But it doesn'ty transfer anything or looks like it's connected undtil it gets a heart Reading.. So I'd say that beeing able to read heart rate is closely connected to it registrering heartbeats. .. good luck i…
  • Hi. I actually found my problem last week... humidity.... my skin is to dry...if I wet my skin it works..so I guess summertime and some sweating will solve that problem... Garmin does multiple cams... Virb x .XE ultra and now a 360. I recommend V…
  • Ahh thank you... recorded som more yesterday and got a better result from the first test. First test I had it sitting on my balcony.. IE no movement and stationare... It didn't like that and if I read correct I need to highlight a whole clip to be …
  • Have the TT heart rate monitr sz999.. not beeing found by mo bandit.. any way to see if the heart rate monitr is up and running? No ight s on it so hard to know if it's broken
  • Either you wire it to the battery.. but if you forget the unit on you'll probably sometime run out of juice.. or find a ignition switched Cable to tap on into... Remebmer if you have a canbus system there could be a problem tapping into wires. Try t…
  • Hi all. Just started to use the bandit.. Dissapointed to see that the highlights is the only way to get a Movie going WITH the GPS data. I intended to have it on my bike and make a full day of recording (connected to an external battery). If I have …