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  • (Quote) Yeah, me too Not sure if that means I missed the cut or it'll take them a few days
    in Beta team Comment by RTwo January 2019
  • Cool, I'll wait patiently
    in Beta team Comment by RTwo January 2019
  • (Quote) Yeah, just
    in Beta team Comment by RTwo January 2019
  • No email here either I'd love to get Go Mobile working with CarPlay Not sure how they selected beta testers but I have a subscription for GO Mobile until 2020 and other devices paid up such as a Rider Come on guys, look after your loyal customers
    in Beta team Comment by RTwo January 2019
  • (Quote) It does produce two options to choose from (one prefixed by a 'T') but neither are true tracks. They both get routed by the Tomtom in accordance with the route settings. If you select a true track to follow on the Tomtom, you will get two o…
  • If you want it to follow your 'route' and not deviate, you will need to split it into various rides and use Tracks. i.e track1 will take you to your first stop on day 1, track 2 to the next stop etc. My way of guaranteeing, I have a track and not …
  • (Quote) I believe a revolution is in order ;)
  • If I've planned a specific route, I don't want any interference from the system, so it works for me. I also only ever set a specific route if I'm on a pleasure ride and tend to avoid well travelled, heavy traffic roads. I see you're in Germany thoug…
  • My way of guaranteeing, I have a track. I use MyRoute-app and create a route using plenty of well placed waypoints, i then save it as a gpx to a folder somewhere. Back in MyRoute-app, I go to 'Tracklogs' Select 'New' and then 'Tracklog (upload)' Ch…
  • (Quote) I will do but I'm fairly relaxed as to when Halfords will replace it without quibble, maybe worth waiting and getting a newer model as a replacement when they run out of stock of 400s
  • Oh, we had plenty of heat and altitude differences as well as rain (and snow) 4C-36C / sea level-2000m
  • The replacement 400 I got from Halfords (in the UK) in the Spring has now succumbed to the condensation issue. It had been fine up until my return from a tour in Spain. There was a couple of days of torrential rain and I'm guessing that was the poin…