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  • Hi all, not only did they do all the above with the old paid app then switch to subscription - they have now doubled their subscription prices since mid - October. Finally got the app functional then decide its worth double. I will not be renewing; its unfortunate and strange that they decided they had to do this they…
  • Fixed for me, app version 2.8 iOS 15.1
  • App update to 2.8 on 15.1 has resolved this issue for me…. Yay!
  • Still occurs with yet another new phone and now on iOs 15.01- but not every time :/ hard to set navigation at home when I don't know if it will keep working once I drive out of wifi range.
  • Thanks Grimlock you are correct no matter what mode I have selected every time an alert occurs it remains locked on the navigation volume until I get a voice announcement or do something different- I will try the pause music "workaround" next time. Definitely a bug here!
  • Another addition - when map up in dashboard with no route selected and receive alerts it also hangs up the volume on the navigation voice volume I have to select my music app only then it releases then I can go back to dashboard and get alerts without a route in place.
  • I believe that contacts are not included in CarPlay on any navigation app - just a CarPlay “lack” of feature - last time I used google maps or apple maps there was no way to select a contact from CarPlay either. As Doug suggests you can go into TomTom settings and set up Siri Shortcuts to drive to contacts you choose.
  • The volume control on carplay is regularly getting hung up o the navigation control rather than audio when navigation voice is off - even if I turn voice totally off or just have alerts the volume control stays on navigation volume rather than audio volume. IOS 15.01 and iPhone 13. Only way I have found to get it back to…
  • The "update" to 2.6 has not resolved this issue, just so you are aware.
  • Yes still an issue with 2.6; doesn't seem to have resolved either "my" freezing issue nor the dashboard display without a route. Even the "workaround" doesn't work for me (opening full app then back to dashboard) - however if I input a route and then "end route" it will keep the map in the display in dashboard.
  • Hello; here is the info TomTomGo App version 2.5 IOS 14.5.1 IPhone 11