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  • Hi @VikramK - I can confirm that this happens on all roads where there is a difference in the speed limits applicable a Large Camper and a regular car. Obviously if the applicable speed limit for the two vehicles is the same no difference will be apparent. The unit ALWAYS displays the National Speed Limit applicable to a…
  • Yes indeed @VikramK I couldn't agree more, " the whole point to have a camper specific device is to ensure that is gives you routes and speed limits that apply to the selected vehicle profile." - The problem is that it doesn't. As you say "Device should change the max speed limit when he goes to motorways. Speed limits…
  • Hi Just an update on this. I am sorry to say that my fears have now been confirmed by TomTom Support. I can confirm that if you enter your vehicle dimensions the TomTom GO Camper WILL NOT take these into account when displaying speed limits and providing speed warnings so if this is important to you avoid this unit. The…
  • Sorry if I'm not supposed to do this but just hoping I might be able to get some advice on this as it just seems wrong to me that I insert all the details for a "Large Camper" and then the displayed speed limits are those applicable to a standard car. Is this really how this expensive Camper specific device is supposed to…
  • On my iPhone all I do is look at the map which shows My Places and then I click on the star for the place I want and then select "Plan Route" in the popup that opens. Does that not work? Q
  • @YamFazMan that's encouraging. My thought was with say 10000mAh (10Ah) if the Camper is drawing around 1.2A I should get over 8 hours from the PowerBank, plus whatever is in the internal battery of the unit. It's good to hear that at least you've had it working on a longish trip so I'm optimistic :slight_smile: Thanks, Q
  • That's EXACTLY my experience @Ovalball03 - I must have been typing my previous reply as you were sending yours! Not exactly intuitive is it! :laughing: Q
  • Hi @YamFazMan Thank you for that, it's very helpful and that's what I'm going to do from here on. It does still seem weird that if I follow that procedure and it syncs to my Camper the correct route is then on the Camper :thumbsup: BUT if I then look at my saved routes list in the iPhone MyDrive App it is listed as…
  • Thanks for the reply, I did check the manual but was unable to find any reference to this particular issue. I acknowledge that "that's the way it is" if that's the case but why three routes are presented when the system only allows you to select one of them still escapes me! Just designed to confuse I guess :upside_down:…