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  • (Quote) Hi @VikramK - I can confirm that this happens on all roads where there is a difference in the speed limits applicable a Large Camper and a regular car. Obviously if the applicable speed limit for the two vehicles is the same no difference w…
  • Yes indeed @VikramK I couldn't agree more, " the whole point to have a camper specific device is to ensure that is gives you routes and speed limits that apply to the selected vehicle profile." - The problem is that it doesn't. As you say…
  • Hi Just an update on this. I am sorry to say that my fears have now been confirmed by TomTom Support. I can confirm that if you enter your vehicle dimensions the TomTom GO Camper WILL NOT take these into account when displaying speed limits and pr…
  • Ordered mine and it arrived within 48hrs.
  • It's bad, I think, that the Camper displays the national speed limits for cars, even when you have programmed in the dimensions of a Large Camper which has different applicable speed limits. Makes a nonsense of the speed alerts if they are being app…
  • Sorry if I'm not supposed to do this but just hoping I might be able to get some advice on this as it just seems wrong to me that I insert all the details for a "Large Camper" and then the displayed speed limits are those applicable to a …
  • (Quote) On my iPhone all I do is look at the map which shows My Places and then I click on the star for the place I want and then select "Plan Route" in the popup that opens. Does that not work? Q
  • @YamFazMan that's encouraging. My thought was with say 10000mAh (10Ah) if the Camper is drawing around 1.2A I should get over 8 hours from the PowerBank, plus whatever is in the internal battery of the unit. It's good to hear that at least you've h…
  • (Quote) That's EXACTLY my experience @Ovalball03 - I must have been typing my previous reply as you were sending yours! Not exactly intuitive is it! :laughing: Q
  • Hi @YamFazMan Thank you for that, it's very helpful and that's what I'm going to do from here on. It does still seem weird that if I follow that procedure and it syncs to my Camper the correct route is then on the Camper :thumbsup: BUT if I then lo…
  • Thanks for the reply, I did check the manual but was unable to find any reference to this particular issue. I acknowledge that "that's the way it is" if that's the case but why three routes are presented when the system only allows you to …