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  • It appears I've managed to sort. By installing and uninstalling the smaller map on internal memory, I managed to stay in the menus long enough to reset device and all seems fine. In fact it seems to run quicker and smoother. Only thing now …
  • Thanks for all your help Doug. It’s appreciated.
  • Yes the device recovers fine, but no difference made. It's not the map data or the nav software that's corrupt. Its probably a file that is created and written to by the device. Possibly the equivalent of the mapsettings.cfg file on old devic…
  • Is there any way to completely reinstall everything on the internal memory? On old devices you could access the file system and replace everything. It seems as if when the device went off it maybe corrupted a file it was writing at the time an…
  • Got home. Installation of full map onto sd card went fine. But the sat nav still refuses to stay booted up. Still keeps switching from the world background, to the a look at current location, then a blank but still lit screen which can have to 2…
  • No the memory card was not inserted. Just the UK map on the internal memory. I inserted the sd card and got the option to set for maps. I left it installing the full Europe map on the sd card as I had to go out. Why is all the updating and res…
  • I haven’t gotten round to installing the full map, I was hoping the smaller one would work ok before putting the full Europe map on. Thus eliminating any problem with the sd card. But the smaller one on internal memory does exactly the same as th…
  • Thanks for the map, I can install the map now. However I think I have bigger problems. Phil
  • Hi Doug No it happened yesterday, and formatting the sd card to fresh install the map is why I ended up needing the smaller map. It went off whilst in use and when I turned it back on it started going real slow once the initial boot up is done…
  • VikramK wrote: » @Norte @alnor @Pulsar278 @MattyC42 A smaller map of UK and ROI has been activated for your devices. When connected to MyDrive Connect, it should be offered for download. Regards Vikram Thanks. I too will check lat…
  • I have this problem too. Have lifetime Europe maps but cannot get past the no maps installed to activate memory card. No smaller map available for me to install on internal memory.
  • I have noticed and used it. As I say, this happens if traffic builds up during a route. If you strayed off that route, say stopped at a shop on a side road, when the unit recalculates the route it will just automatically set the route to avoid the…
  • It is set to ask me. And it does if traffic appears during the route. But on a new a route or if it recalculates it doesn’t ask me, it routes me around it without telling me .