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  • Received a replacement yesterday and after loading updates and maps as well as changing the settings I went for a ride to a motorbike shop today that is 25 kms away and all was good but 5 minutes into the ride home and I got condensation, worse than my original Rider. Going to go for a refund.
  • Mine did not get hot. Wasn't a very warm day either.
  • Spoke to Tom Tom customer service in Australia and was told to send it in for repairs and to them it is not a known issue. Also spoke to Consumer Affairs and their advice was to send it in and if the problem reoccurs then I have the right to take them to a small claims court to get a refund.
  • Thank you very much for that explanation. Makes total sense now.
  • Sorry, probably did not make my self clear but what I am asking why is it called a soft reset when to me it just seems like a normal cold start up because once you start it up you can use it as normal. That is also why I queried why there needs to be at least 2 hrs charge. Are you suppose to leave the unit on for 2 hrs?
  • I took my Rider 400 out again and got the condensation problem for the second time in a row. I have had this unit for approx. 10 mths and it has never down it previously but a couple of months ago I did use it when it was wet. It was not heavy rain just a very light shower. I face the decision if it is worth taken in for…
  • I used my 400 today and got the dreaded condensation and can't figure out why as it has never done it before. Will be ringing customer service tomorrow. Very disappointing.