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  • I just found an article about Safari browser adding "erroneous dms extensions" - so it seems most likely a glitch my end
    in DMS not GPX Comment by Ogden July 7
  • It seems to be working as expected now - this computer has had problems lately, maybe one day I'll get to the bottom of it!
    in DMS not GPX Comment by Ogden July 7
  • Thanks guys, I see its 2.40mins delay - not 2.40hrs, so yes, that must be right! :cool:
  • Ok, here's my solution - not too painful i suppose! It might seem I'm making a bit of a fuss, but when you're on the road, and it says go down this road, and you're not 100% sure wether its really sensible or not, it can take you a bit by surprise!…
  • That would be a negative to me - Fastest would go directly to motorways, I like the way the "Thrill" system works and the idea behind it, I'm just suggesting that it needs tweaking really. Often the software sends you off a main road, thr…
  • I have it on Thrill, and on the middle / 2nd selection for both Hilliness and Windiness - thing is, I just popped up the saved route / track, and its still as above, I change it to the first selection, it doesn't solve it, it just takes an entirely …
  • Also, I had the screen fog issue last trip - this unit has never seen rain!
  • Yeah, the old one did too when I first got it, took me months to figure out - I think this should be better when I get on top of it :cool:
  • I really want the MyDrive to work for me now, since the imported ITN files seem less than flawless. Why I had to opt out of unpaved roads, rather than opt in seems a bit weird, but then since tom-tom is sold right around the world, perhaps that exp…
  • When I sold my V2 on eBay it went in 5mins on Buy Now - I can see why! Tom-tom needs to get things working better, thats for sure. I'm using the MyRoute app, cos Tyre doesn't work on mac, and it looks Like I have the same or similar problem :@
  • Thanks YamFazMan, I think the ITN method is going to fit my needs best, and now that avoid unsurfaced roads is checked that will help too! :cool:
  • I guess I was just a bit confused, having crossed both carriageways of the busy A1, gone down a farm track, losing faith somewhat - then looking to get back o the A1, if I had followed the advice I would have avoided the industrial estate - I was ju…
  • Hi Mikkok, I just reported a couple of map errors I found that day probably need looking at :) "We'd need some more information to look into this. The following information would help: Route planning settings used (type/avoid): Start point o…
  • I had this problem, make sure you are using the original USB cable that came with the device - it won't work with others! :cool: