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  • The TomTom mydrive app it's now also available for Romania. Better late than never...
  • Well NBA888 .... Related to this subject unfortunately it's not an technical issue or some kind of reasonable reason it's just a matter of will and TomTom doesn't want that this his app to be available for us also. Why ? Hard to say... because we a…
  • Still no TomTom mydrive app available for Romania ... Why ? Why this app is still restricted for Romania ?
  • Hi Yurko, Your android device has nothing wrong, You get this message because this application is not ”supported” in your region. PS. A similar topic can be found here: https://en.discussions.tomtom.com/mydrive-and-road-trips-518/tomtom-mydrive-a…
  • Hi VikramK, I know that this app is not supported/available for some countries like Romania. That's why my question is: ”Why this application is restricted for some customers based just on their geographic location/ country ? ” And speaking of th…
  • Hello Staff team, If there is another reason for this please explain it because the first one It was not too... "accurate". From what you can see above we have TomTom Traffic in Romania from 2017 and it's working quite well... and any way…
  • Hi lampard, Allow me to disagree ! ITS Europe Congress, Strasbourg, June 20, 2017 – TomTom (TOM2) today announced the introduction of TomTom Traffic in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Croatia and Romania.... https://corporate.tomtom.com/news…
  • Well, a "no answer" from TomTom into a situation like this can be sometime an "answer" . Thank you
  • I would like to ask the staff members to answer to this topic because I pay exactly the same as anybody else for this services and some of them are deliberately restricted to some customers. Why this application is restricted for some customers bas…
  • Hello again :( with this topic, A few days ago I made and ”update” from Android to IOS, and I found myself with the same issue: When I tried to install the TomTom mydrive app on my phone I encounter again the same problem: In the App Store the app…
  • Hello community, Well this is a bit strange because I have in Romania traffic information on my GO 6200, at least in the west part of the country form Arad till the Hungarian border.