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  • Karl_Z, Updated my XL with 1030. Thanks for the heads up. Mike
  • Karl_Z Thanks for that. I am away from home att. Will check in am and let you know how it worked out. Hope it is same as you. Mike
  • Doug, Did the same on 620 and now have 1030 update on USA map. Regarding the XL350 I will wait awhile and see what happens. Would not like to remove the current map and be unable to download another. Thanks again for your help. Mike
  • Doug, Great suggestion!!!! Did it on 520 and now have 1030 on both Europe and USA maps. Will do the 620 later on today. Many thanks for that advice and help. Appreciated. Mike ps with that strange message being received on the XL350 do you think a deletion and reinstallation would work on that one as well?
  • Douglap, Thanks for that but was not able to get an update. My device says it is up to date with Europe on 1030 and USA on 1025. When/if this problem is resolved I will again try it using your advice and see what happens. Again, thank you
  • Please let me add that I use WiFi to download these maps on the 520 and 620. I see there is supposed to be a way to do it through the PC but I have never been able to get past the popup that says use Wifi. I use the PC for XL350 of course but it is not updating that way either.
  • Pictures won't help as all is normal. Both units show up to date with 1030 Europe and 1025 USA. Both units show those maps installed. in addition I have an XL 350 with lifetime updates that is showing the same An Error Has Occurred popup identical to Karl-Z above. My 520 is a ZN and 620 is ZE serial number. The 350 serial…
  • I have a GO 520 and a Go 620. Both units have Europe and USA maps. Both units installed the 1030 Europe and updated. Both units are still on 1025 on USA maps while showing that the units are up to date. Any suggestions appreciated.