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  • Hello Thank you ever so much, I'm at this point Check... Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> System --> About.. Scroll down to Data Connection & GPRS Status.... What does the device report ??? Is the GPRS Status... Connected ??? Not connected Are the following displaying a Number ??? MCC/MNC IMEI SIM ID GPRS Model…
  • Hello! I seem to have the same prolems this year too? Shall I try a factory reset? My cameras aren't working and the satnav isn't keeping up with the new speed limits on roads. I have again purchased the services, but no doubt should be able for a refund. Do I need one of the apps to work to allow the traffic services to…
  • Thank you Vikram I've taken the device back to factory settings and it seems to be have worked. I forgot how super duper the device is. My phone keeps showing the app for mydrive, should it? How do I obtain a refund as it's not easy trying to find that out. Thank you again! Best wishes Mel
  • Hi Doug Thank you again, here's hoping they will be able to sort my device out tomorrow. I am driving to Malvern and thus know the traffic will be an interesting one. I will then look at getting a refund if needed. I am hoping I don't need to send it back to the manufacturers as I have already had to do that over something…
  • Hi Doug Thank you for replying - I certainly have the Go5200 and strangely enough I thought I had lifetime traffic and cameras - but for a few weeks now the weather and traffic haven't worked. Thus I purchased today the live services for a year and a half, but its not showing anywhere on my account apart from under Orders.…