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  • Hi YFM, Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am able to see the comments I have made against other posts, however I have started two threads now and I am unable to see these. Can you assist further?
  • Another question: I have created a separate thread but I am unable to see it? I am struggling to navigate through the forum. Normally you would just click on 'most recent' and it would filter as requested. Sorry to hijack this thread but can some one assist? Or are all posts awaiting moderation?
  • I was downloading the latest map updates via WiFi as I have always done, however this time the unit froze at 15%. I left this for 6 hours and it still remained at this level, i.e. was not going to progress any further. I tried to restart the unit however the unit displayed the black screen with the icons to show that the…
  • Sorry to hear your experience with TomTom support has not been successful, very disappointing. I have been very happy with my 550 but the unit is now useless unless there can be a fix, seems to be a TomTom induced software glitch. Mine will be over 2 years old so out of any warranty but I would expect it to last a few more…
  • I have the same issue. I click the button 3 times after the screen with the white text, but i do not get the "wheel" and after connecting the cable my device just starts. When i connect to MyDrive it boots and closes in a non-ending cycle. Has anyone found a solution?
  • I have the exact same issue (see thread started today). My unit was working fine in the morning and I had completed a 96 mile journey using my 550. On return home I instigated the updates via WiFi and I now have a 550 that does not work. Starpine, did you find a solution to the issue?