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  • So far both unauthorised payments have been refunded to my credit card. The unsolicited speed camera subscription is showing cancelled, but the next charge date still shows as 30/8/20. As a precaution my credit card company are blocking all payment requests from TomTom. I am waiting to see what happens. I won't be buying…
  • I tried this but my subscription status only ever goes to cancelled, never stopped. It won't die. The subscription is showing status = cancelled, next charge date = 30-08-2020. There are no Options available. On previous cancellation attempts an unauthorised order was raised on the charge date and I have to go through the…
  • Not totally sorted - there's still the possibility of yet another unsolicited subscription payment in the pipeline. I'm not the only person having problems with speed camera subscriptions. TomTom seem to have very dodgy accounting software and it gives me concerns for the security of customers' data. trying to work out…
  • Hi @billchard . Many people on this forum are having problems with TomTom speed camera subscriptions. Twice I've had to get refunds. I've never got Chat to work. The only way I've found so far of contacting TomTom is to use Facebook Messenger. Messenger link is . This time I have also tried deleting my credit…
  • I paid direct by credit card so can't do the PayPal route. I believe credit card details have now been erased from my TomTom account I eventually heard from TomTom (via Facebook Messenger) and they are refunding the payment BUT today I got another TomTom email "Your speed camera subscription stays active" and "Just a quick…
  • I am having the same trouble. It's happened twice. Both times I've managed to get a refund via Facebook Messenger and both times I've cancelled the unauthorised "order" which I didn't place. This morning I've received an email "Your speed camera subscription remains active". This is for my convenience. Elsewhere on this…
  • The original subscription 17/2/20 was cancelled 10/4/20 and the unauthorised payment was refunded. No further subscriptions were taken until 30/7/20. It claimed to be for an order which I had not placed. I have found other people with speed camera subscription problems on this forum, including one person who paid and…
  • Thank you for info on how to remove credit card details. I am trying to kill a cancelled speed camera subscription that TomTom keeps reviving and couldn't find how to remove my credit card details. I am raising the matter with my credit card provider.