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  • Just to add... IF someone from technical support has to add something to my account to make this work, please DO NOT add it via this login - it's not connected to the satnav account! Contact me for furtther advice/information.
  • Factually, we can reproduce the speed problem across all of our dozen or so units... And across numerous different PCs running all versions of Windows from XP to 10. - The common denominator is the TomTom software. What's more, I find other people here - with good levels of technical knowledge - have exactly the same…
  • Your hat and balloon are in the post... I have 43Mb at the wall; it takes about eight hours for my Go1000 unit to update. When I first got it we were on a 2Mb connection... I recall starting it at 8pm one night, had to leave it at home the following morning as it wasn't done, my wife told me it was still updating at noon!…
  • I completely agree Cest mero. I have a technical background myself - broadcast tech - and have been involved with computing since the mid-80s; broadcasting has been computer-intense since the 80s and I too taught at one time... I was a college lecturer in TV and Multimedia production for 12 years. - I know my way around a…
  • I never said 'sinister'... I said cryptic; particularly as I had to re-make my profile under a new name!
  • Well said Cest mero... From the outset the MyDrive application on Windows has been too slow to be really fit for purpose; updating a GO1000 can literally take overnight, even over a connection that is capable of streaming 4K HDR movies!! Neither a Web-based app nor a Linux port should be difficult! So - why should anyone…