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  • Hi all @RetroEd Currently there are several messages similar to yours on the forum. To check, modify or cancel a recurring speed camera subscription See this FAQ. Thanks to @Lochfrass for the link.…
  • Hi @YamFazMan :) I use a Third Party car charger because I need two USB connectors and very important for me in addition compatibility with Samsung Fast Charge, named Adaptive Fast Charge by Samsung = Qualcomm Quick charge 2.0. I don't use it ofte…
  • Hi all @MahoneBay Don't worry about the power of the charger. TomTom markets its own 2x2.4A car charger for its TomTom devices. Our devices can support 2A or more. The problem is more compatibility to have the Bright screen and a charger of suffic…
  • @Syzygy6 When you tried to uninstall MyDrive Connect you used a PC user account with Administrator Rights? Otherwise you can try the settings I am using, no need to uninstall MDC. Fortunately, for your TomTom updates you have your MAC computer. Gl…
  • @Syzygy6 To check I just updated my Start25, QuickGPSfix and Speeds Cameras. No problem with TomTom servers. After following the steps in the procedure for MyDrive Connect (MDC) this should also work for you. Regards.
  • Hi @Syzygy6 I have a Start25 like you. Usually a clean reinstallation of MyDrive connect solves the problem. You can try. Look at here: Regards.
  • Hi @Onkalo Glad for you that everything went well in the end for your updates and thanks for your feedback. :) VPNs and firewalls can block MDC, these are known issues. And not always easy to solve, each PC configuration being different. You have…
  • Hi all @Onkalo MyDrive Connect (MDC) should not ask you to add your device in your TomTom account if this has already been done in the past. Maybe unnecessary questions but I'm wondering ... - In your Start 52 you are well "Log in" with…
  • @Befits Thanks. Glad for you that your device wakes up and comes back to life. :) Regards.
  • Hi @SandyM Maybe a problem with the driver installed by Windows or a firewall lockup. Try to do a Soft Reset with your device Connected to your PC by its cable. With your device "switch on", press and hold the On/Off button until you hea…
  • Hi all @Befits Your Start60 works like my Start25. On the screen there is a battery symbol in the lower left corner, green, orange, red depending on the level. You only see it if the device is Not connected to any power supply. - Connected to the…
  • Hi @LenaLeeds Simulate a purchase (speed cameras) but don't go until the end. Log in / Products / Speed ​​Cameras / add to basket / "ready to order" button. In the web page: - Go down to "Payment" - Click on the credit card pic…
  • Hi @HACKEDOFFWITHTOMTOM MyDrive Connect is the only possibility to update your GO40. And you must use a PC user account with administrator rights to install it. No other choice. Your Microsoft Surface uses Windows OS, install MDC software for Wind…
  • Hi @JeffH_Canada Your VIA 1525 is the equivalent of a START52 in Europe, serial number starting with XQ. TomTom gives different names to the same products depending on the marketing or purchase area. For this type of device if the power supply is n…
  • Hi @KarelVerhelst Google translation:(Quote) Are you talking about speed cameras? Maybe your purchase was not linked correctly to your device, it happens sometimes. But there are currently general problems with TomTom servers which may also be the…
  • Hi @johnnycanuck The problem is not with your PC or your TomTom device. There is a problem with TomTom servers since yesterday morning. On the official TomTom support web page: UK: US:…
  • Hi all On the official TomTom support web page: (Quote) (Image) We can only wait for the fix that we all hope. Regards.