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  • Yes! Please, please work on #4! When you do speed workouts, a few seconds difference in a 400 or 800 can result in a per mile pace that looks drastically different...therefore the current app format showing "Distance/Pace/Ascent" under Laps is almost completely useless information. Please allow it to be customized, so that…
  • I see you also brought it up but I don't see a case it happens again? Or is just wait for TomTom to clear things up on their end? Also I didn't see anything about customizing the data on laps? (i.e. showing time rather than ascent?)
  • Sorry, it is not letting me add more than one attachment to my post. This is the format of MySports from 2016 I would like to have.
  • So this is crazy. I sent an e-mail to customer support yesterday afternoon as lampard suggested, and did a speed workout last night. All the splits showed up as they should in the app, an even .25 mi. I then went back and checked last week's workout, and it is now displaying correctly too (see first attachment). So,…
  • Yes! I couldn't believe no one has had this problem (searched the forums for anything similar and found nothing). And it just started with the migration from the old MySports app to the new Sports app. I never had any problems with the MySports app accuracy...BUT, when I go back and check old speed workouts on the Sports…
  • Thank you tfarabaugh, I had to first "forget the device" (my Runner Cardio) within the Sports mobile app in order for it to give me the option to pair a new device. I don't think it's an Apple limitation as I have friends with multiple Garmin watches that can be paired simultaneously. It's inconvenient but I really only…
  • Ugh shoot I accidentally marked my reply as the answer and it won't let me undo?
  • Hi tfarabaugh, thanks for the reply! Before I saw this I gave in and did a factory reset (was trying to avoid it if possible), but it did do the trick. I was about to login and post in case anyone else has the same problem. The only thing I could think of that may have caused the issue in the first place was I did update…