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  • Hi YamFazMan, sorry did not see your reply, the first one is going to bluetooth, i want the bluetooth output to go ideally to a 3.5mm jack plug and go onto the Aux music position. The second one would be ideal but i tried a Bluetooth receiver, it did not work then i found it it needs to be a2dp comapatable, ordered one of…
  • When i looked into this, to get an api key off google you had to register a debit or credit card although there was no payment taken, seemed a bit suspect to me. I also use google analytics for website admin so did not want the risk of accessing something and ending up paying for it.
  • Hi Poppo, that's the bit i like with Tyre because of goggle maps, on street view you could actually do the route as such but now you need a key which is a shame
  • Thanks again to the two of you for your generous time taken to help me, i am sure this will also help others. I certainly have lots to check out. On the last point Rob, i can confirm that the plan a thrill option does have the same 3 dots on the rider 400, that will make life on the hop a lot easier. I will also be trying…
  • No wonder i was not getting anywhere with planning routes and importing them to the device. It would appear that the main issue here is you go to the bother of creating a route and once imported it just really imports the destination and depending on what the settings of the device are on ie fastest thrill etc, depends on…
  • Thank you Rob_R for your help, yep this is what i used to try, put in a nice looped circuit it would then transfer to my device and totally change the route depending on what the tomtom rider was set for. I found that using gpx did in fact create a route you had planned, so maybe the garmin base camp may be an idea to…
  • Hi RoadRider having looked a bit further on this matter, it would appear you are correct. Its down to the way it handles the bluetooth channels, while one prioritises the other one, instead of muting the intercom, it just cuts it off. There is no work around as well. Thanks again for taking the time to explain the protocol…
  • Hi Tony, mine is different, i dont lose the voice instructions but when a instruction is announced by the tom tom device, it cuts off the intercom, it then has to re-establish the connection. Other systems may mute the intercom, this closes it off. Then it takes about 10seconds to re-establish. Of course this then happens…
  • Thanks again RoadRider, will definitely look into this as a solution, thanks again also to Rob R
  • Rob R, thanks for your suggestion, not sure if this would help as the directions is still coming from Bluetooth as such and would interrupt the intercom again but worth looking into.
  • Thanks RoadRider, sadly no other way to connect the helmets, it just means i have to mute the commands on the Tom Tom, while the screen is good is sunshine sometimes its difficult to see and of course you are always checking the screen as you are not getting the prompts. I had a garmin Zumo before this but this had an…