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  • Tried the Sat Nav on my other bike it was fully charged when I put it on and after a 150 ml ride and was still fully charged at the end of the ride. I then left it on the bike where it does not seem to charge, left it on for 5 hrs with no reduction in the battery charge, So will see what happens on the next ride out,…
  • Have checked all the above they are as should be (wiped the terminals with methylated spirit) the bike is a triple but there's a bit of vibration in the mount but I would say not excessive. Will see what happens next time out and confirm if better Thanks
  • I have the same problem, the wiring is direct to the battery so as soon as I mount the rider it comes on. It used to be fine and I very rarely had to charge it I have 5.56Volts on the pins, I have got into the habit of leaving it on the bike mount when I stop anywhere But I would have thought this would keep the battery…
  • I have no Micro SDHC in the slot it does now restore 100% but just reverts to the screen with the sat nav and computer with the wire not connected
  • I open mydrive connect, plug in the original Tom Tom lead it says it is connecting but never seems too then a box appears saying restoring your device mean while the Sat Nav just has the screen with the sat nav and computer with the wire not connected, (2) After a while the Tom Tom logo appears then the white bar runs…
  • Hi Doug I deleted a Route in the iPhone My Drive App which it then deleted from the device I then created a route in the My Drive App but it did not sync to the Devices. So yes mine is behaving the same. If I save a place in my iPhone My Drive and click to sync with my device it will sync instantly Also if I create a route…
  • Not quite sure how you create a new MyDrive account but the more I wrestle this problem the worse it seems to get I am now in the situation where I can only plot a route on my Mac which will sync to my device (I can plot a route on my iPhone but it will sync to myDrive on my Mac but is unreadable just get the spinning…
  • I have an iphone 13 and a Tom Tom Rider 550 both fully updated. Up until a week ago they were working to an acceptable level, I could create routes on my phone in my drive and sync them with my 550 now for some reason routes will not sync from my phone to the 550 but pIaces will. Routes will sync to the 550 from my Mac but…
  • What I have just found out is that places will sync but no routes that's from the computer only not the phone
  • Tried that more times than I can remember But thanks anyway
  • Hi Kieron Thanks for that it seems to work (will have to try it on the fly) can transfer routes, traffic looks ok, can receive phone calls and text messages and more importantly receive direction instructions
  • Ok Sorted thought i had a memory card in there thanks for your Help
  • I can see Europe Camper Maps when i try to add them i keep getting the message oops something went wrong please try again Bill
  • Just need to add that when i did a reset i had the option to enter Camper or car but when i click on camper it defaults to car every time
  • So what does that mean it does not help me at all sorry but not everybody is a computer wizard i just want to be able to use the sat nav