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  • Thank you. The link works in the pristine Windows 10 box I am trying was trying to update the 5100 with, unfortunately I tried the link in my work-a-day Linux box with multi-account containers in Firefox. Anyway, I have tried another cable, but nothing appears in the network adapters section of device manager, mydrive…
  • @Willy875 I tried all the options a long while ago and drew a blank - I decided not to "factory reset" it as the last option as it works, and if the reset failed it would brick my 5100 - I think I'll just continue to use it until it fails as it is primarily used for traffic info these days. Your link above opens briefly on…
  • @Willy875 I can't update maps because the 5100 doesn't connect to the computer. The memory is not the issue: 5100 Memory is 6.48 GB Internal memory 8.61 GB Memory card.
  • I'm back again. My GO5100 is still working, but the maps are now (Europe 07/2019) out of date. So I tried again to connect I downloaded My Drive Connect onto a newly setup from scratch (old) Windows 10 laptop, but the computer doesn't "see" the 5100, although the 5100 powers up. I eventually noticed that My Drive Connect…
  • Hi douglap, Yes, I have tried that, and more besides. There is no network adapter to uninstall when trying my go 5100. When I logged on with my old account and tried my old start 20, the driver software was downloaded and installed. The computer(s) do not "see" the go 5100. And I've tried several different (TomTom) leads.…
  • I have a go 5100 which used to connect to MDC in windows 10, but it no longer does. (Bearing in mind windows 10 is forever updating itself, and my pc's are all as updated as they will go) I have tried several different leads, three different computers, multiple uninstalls and reinstalls and cannot make the go 5100 connect:…
  • I thought I had read somewhere that TOMTOM have discontinued support XP, or are about to.. I got a windows 10 tablet for use with TOMTOM, which was problematic due to USB power saving. The settings for USB power saving on battery powered Windows laptop/tablet/surface devices is hidden, and involves a registry tweak to…