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  • 10 yards sounds like a difference between yard and meter. Any chance you happen to have this setting wrong either in a watch or your profile?
  • How and where this gender setting should work or influence? I mean you always see the distance to the front/middle/back to the green where ever you stand when teeing off (or standing at you ball for the next shot). As long as there are no handicaps, stableford or any other calculations involved it shouldn't even matter at…
    in Ladies' tees Comment by JariB July 2017
  • Just press Up (or Down) in the "main screen" to select the hole you are playing!
  • This is an real issue, since any editing (including if you add an penalty shot to the hole) messes up the statistics and the map in the app. I think the only way to record the spot is when you add shots by covering the screen. Of course this won't help at all when you notice that the hole is not finished after you have…
  • Actually after last updates it syncs the rounds as a "freestyle", but only date, time and duration
  • Sorry, I think I was a bit inexact. You need to install that package to PC or MAC computer, it doesn't run on Ipad or any other mobile device. After installing the application, connect the watch with cable to that computer and it updates the firmware.
  • I think any of the mobile applications is capable of updating the watch firmware. You need a TomTom Sports Connect app (https://uk.support.tomtom.com/app/getstarted/p/3934) for PC or Mac to update the firmware
  • Unfortunately it does. There is however a workaround backing up the files from phone manually and upload them back to the new phone, again manually. There has been some hints that this would change in the future and the data would be stored in the cloud instead. I can't understand why this is like this in a first place…
    in MySports Cloud Comment by JariB May 2017
  • Yes I have, but like I tried to explain it doesn't help because the logic in the watch is just too "simple". It may work if the tee boxes, fairways, greens and the path to the next tee box would always be "in line" and even different tee boxes (red, blue, yellow and white) for the same hole behind the same "gate" but like…
  • This function has never worked for me either. I have turned off the feature totally and always advancing to the next hole manually. As far as I have understood moving to the next hole automatically requires that you walk to the next tee box thru the "gate" defined in the map data. And only based on that. It just doesn't…
  • Yes, it tracks calories, played time, distance etc, but for some totally crazy reason nothing is stored anywhere, not even into phone app. So after you finish the round all has gone (or at least they are not visible anywhere). Looks like MySports (including the web app) has been designed to earlier general fitness watches,…
  • I don't know exactly how this "covering the screen" function works technically. But somehow I've got the feeling that it requires some electrical conductance (resistance) between the edges of the frame to record the shot. At least if I have a fully dry sleeve on top of the screen it doesn't detect a shot. But immediately…
  • Just a question for TomTom, is there a difference between Golfer and Golfer2 in this matter, or ere they loading the courses at the same way?
  • As far as I understand normally when you connect the watch to MySport Connect (or mobile app) it should only update the nearest courses and courses you have played recently if you don't request full update with "update maps" button. I might be wrong of course. Any way my watch takes only less than a minute to do that. Even…