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  • Hi Mikko, Ok, thank you. Obviously, this is NOT ideal for me, or the many other users who don't use their devices to go on holiday or somewhere that's new to them as a one-off journey. I, like many of SatNav users, use our devices as a professional business tool where we visit customers or location repetitively and knowing…
  • Mikko ....... Dank je wel! Great help and I've now been able to add my various old POI's ;-) Further more, on my second full day of use, I am getting used to all the many differences.. AND advantages of my new device, which can now be used most helpfully with my old POI's. Further questions on my…
  • Dear All, Apologies for being about to make a rash statement, one of which I would dearly like to be proved wrong on, but............. After spending most of the day evaluating my new GO6200 alongside my old GO730, and most of this evening trying to get my GO6200 connected to my PC in the hope that I can copy across my…
  • So..... I have downloaded and installed the TomRom MyDrive Connect software, but although it see's my device, it won't let me do anything. When I click on my device it just throws up a splash screen telling me I can update it via WiFi. The only difference I can bring is if I ask my Go to forget me wireless network, there's…
  • Hi Mikko, The error came up on the screen of my PC in the Transfer assistant screen once I had connected my GO6200 to my PC to transfer onto.... I will perform the process again and post a screenshot. I will also try and transfer the files manually. This is actually what I would have had to do back in 2008 when I moved…
  • Please take a look at the link below................ https://uk.support.tomtom.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/14081 It appears obvious from this that my POI's will not go onto my new GO6200 ??? So, as it stands........... I fear that the advice I got on the phone from TomTom Support that made me order the new unit was…
  • Thanks for the info on 2G Chris, it's peace of mind for me, and also I guess for my wife..... Amazon Kindle ;-)
  • Hi, I just tried to do the transfer............... Uploaded from my GO730 no problem...... But says that all of the content, more importantly, my POI's are Not Compatible with my new device! Any Ideas guys?
  • Thanks for the responses. As I said, I'll give it due time to give a considered opinion, so fingers crossed ;-) I'll try the transfers later I hear and understand the 2G\3G\4G stuff, I just hope that 2G doesn't disappear before my GO6200 dies..... some of the comments inferred it was imminent. Again, fingers crossed.…
  • Hi All, I have just taken delivery of my new GO6200 after taking the plunge to upgrade from my old faithful GO730. On very first impression, I would have to say that the Jury Is Out, so I'll give it substantial time to judge accordingly. My first questions \ Issues are: 1. It's not flexible enough like my old GO730,…