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  • @"Jürgen"
  • @lampard @"Jürgen" What is going on here? We're coming up at 4 months into this bug. Is this actually worked on? Compared to the release history of the Android version, implementing fixes and new features on a much more frequent basis, the iOS version appears to be massively lacking. TTG is literally the only…
  • Bummer, was hoping 14.7 would fix this. Haven't updated wife's phone b/c of this. Interestingly, I'm not sure (anymore) if this is an iOS or a TomTom bug (see post above). Curious to see if iOS 15b2 makes any difference.
  • @"Jürgen" Thanks for your reply. As I had some time to waste this morning, some more observations… While Apple Maps (obviously) works, also Google Maps, Waze and Sygic indeed work w/o problems in the latest release iOS (v14.6 as of now). Meaning: they show the navigation view in the CarPlay dashboard screen perfectly fine…
  • @lampard @Jürgen Any news on this? Correct me if I'm wrong, but this appears to be an iOS bug.
  • @lampard Thanks. I assume the other issues I mentioned (no route display in the dashboard navigation quadrant etc.) all derive from the parent issue?
  • @"Jürgen" Same issue here. Some additional comments: When trying to bring the app to front via the CarPlay dashboard, only a black screen is shown. I can get the navigation to work in CarPlay if I open the app and start the navigation on the phone prior to connecting to CarPlay. But then the navigation preview in the…
  • What do you mean by this? The button next to the search bar?
  • Really weird UI inconsistency: In iOS 14.2, the German locale title for petrol station is "Benzin" (= petrol/gas) in the CarPlay UI instead of "Tankstelle" (= petrol/gas station), while it is correct in the iPhone UI. In iOS 13.7, the CarPlay UI and iPhone UI title is correct. Huh? Why are there different strings in iOS 14…
  • Very nice. @lampard @"Jürgen" Two issues, though. 1. "Check subscription for CarPlay" message still appearing. 2. Recent destinations title in German locale ("Letzte Ziele") is truncated in iOS 14(.2) but not truncated in iOS 13(.7). Please see attached screenshots. If you compare both screens, it looks like there is more…
  • @"Jürgen" @lampard Update: Search lock-up bug seems to be resolved in iOS 14.2. As TTG has not been updated, it appears this was indeed a bug in iOS. The "missing button glyph" bug remains, though. Should I file a Radar for this? Looks like it is an iOS bug as well.
  • @"Jürgen" Did some more testing. Apple Maps works as intended: displays the keyboard, including the "backspace" glyph in the blue button and can be used normally after exiting the keyboard search screen. But, same as TomTom Go, also Waze, HERE WeGo and Google Maps (some nav apps w/ CarPlay support I could remember from the…
  • @lampard @"Jürgen" Bug: Search screen locks up UI iOS 14, TT Go 2.3.1 When exiting the search screen, the entire TT Go UI is locked up and does not react anymore to control inputs from the car. Until you enter and leave the search screen, everything works. I have to force-quit and reopen TT Go on the iPhone to restore…
  • Tell me about it. Given fact that even logging in to the support forum redirects the page half a dozen times, I tend to think that this has actually nothing to do with my setup. For some reason my article to went data nirvana after making edits or inserting images. I actually had to resort to write the article offline in a…
  • Hi @lampard , I have no idea if this is the correct/officially sanctioned way to report bugs/issues. As TomTom's website is unbelievably convoluted (it literally redirected half a dozen times to get to this support forum) and apparently nobody can be bothered to reply to questions on Twitter or Facebook (or to any bug…
  • Definitely. (Sorry, just joined the forums yesterday.)