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  • By the way, yesterday Apple released iOS 13.5. Did someone tested if the issue is still here?
  • Yes @jures, that is exactly what I did after discovering that with the app id didn't work anymore. I think this is fine for my needs, because I have also the phone on a stand on the handlebar. Two considerations:* It's a shame that TT don't resolve this * I still don't know why it worked for some time to me (and I'm sure…
  • I still believe that a dedicated hardware is more reliable than a mobile phone, specially during long trip in critical conditions. I still hope that TT will fix this issue. Ps: I saw that also Garmin has issues with Zumo and iOS 13..
  • Yes, the TT was recognized by app, I posted the screenshot that you see when you tap that icon, saying that the TT was in range. But, new update: I resetted bt pairing, reinstalled the app, did everything from scratch, and now... it doesn’t work anymore! It just work after the pairing, than no more success. Sometimes it…
  • Yesterday I was able to go through stand by/wake up of the TT many times, having MyDrive app open in smartphone, and every time, after about 20-30 seconds, bt connection was fine and traffic service too.
  • I have for sure messages notifications running. I don't care about incoming calls notification, and usually I don't use this functions, since it creates some problems with my intercom and background alerts from TT. I will have a try.
  • I dunno guys, maybe it could be related to year of production of TT, and different bt hardware inside? I bought mine in June 2018. For sake of curiosity I would like to reset pairing, uninstall and reinstall app and try to pair them again..
  • MyDrive app must be open on mobile phone, to have a proper internet communication over bt. This is a requirement, as far as I remember from documentation. I have smart functionalities (messages, whatsapp, calls) plus traffic and mydrive services, up an running, all over bt. I'm not saying that I don't believe the issue…
  • I’m saying that it works with no configured Wi-Fi in range both for TomTom and iPhone. I specify because if people do tests at home, they usually also have Wi-Fi configured, and based on my tests, this cause issues. It works just with bt as it should. I don’t know why, but it works for me. Did you open the mobile app…
  • Hi, I just landed here since I was discussing with others user about TomTom Rider 550 and bt issues. I would like to say that on my side everything work fine, and I don't know if I'm just lucky or what, and maybe I can help discovering a solution. My setup:* TomTom Rider 550 19.201.0010.411 (27/09/2019) * iPhone X iOS 13.4…